Unlocking the Potential of On-Demand Furnished Living in Multifamily Buildings

Furniture Options - 08/22/2023

Launching an on-demand furnished living platform in a multifamily building can offer several advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial to consider these when making an informed decision. In this blog, we explore the pros and cons of on-demand furnishing in multifamily buildings. The pros: More and more people in the US are seeking furnished accommodations. […]

Boosting Your Short-Term Rental Profits: How Used Furniture Can Help

Furniture Options - 08/10/2023

If you’re running a short-term rental, you know how important it is to keep your unit economics in check. The unit economics of a short-term rental unit can vary depending on various factors, such as location, property type, rental rates, occupancy rates, operating expenses, and management fees.  In this blog, we explore what to consider […]

Hamilton Ventures’ Investment In Inhabitr: Noting Appreciation

Inhabitr Spotlight - 06/06/2023

At Inhabitr, we’re thrilled to have investment partners like Hamilton Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in the property technology space. Their partnership validates and helps fuel our vision to transform the furniture industry, from inspiration to installation. Hamilton Ventures writes about their decision to invest in Inhabitr here, recognizing our company’s potential to help […]

How Plug-and-Play Offices Can Help You Creatively Lease Out Your Space. 

Furniture Options - 05/19/2023

Plug-and-play office spaces are becoming increasingly popular for office landlords to attract small to medium-sized businesses. They offer a variety of benefits, including flexibility, cost savings, and convenience. If you’re considering setting up a plug-and-play office space, here’s what you need to know.  Property owners can benefit from leasing out their spaces to small businesses […]

Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Hotel’s Interior Design Up to Date 

Design Space - 05/09/2023

From attracting guests with enticing pictures to creating a lasting impression over the course of their stay, the interior design of your hotel matters. With how quickly design trends evolve and the reality of wear-and-tear, updating your hotel’s furniture and design can be a daunting and costly undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be! If […]

5 Interior Design Trends to Create Stand-out Student Housing 

Student Housing - 04/27/2023

Numbering 8.6 million, student beds account for 12% of the total number of US rental units. In such a crowded market, how do you make your student housing option stand out?  Thoughtful, comfortable, and functional interior design can be a significant factor in establishing a unique personality and attracting students. Check out five student housing […]

Benefits of Upgrading Your Multifamily Common Areas

Furniture Options - 04/13/2023

One of the most overlooked opportunities in multifamily communities is the lobby and common areas. A well-designed common area can contribute to a sense of community, help you stand out against other rental options, and even increase rental rate. From the furniture to the art, there are many ways to optimize the lobby and common […]

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment: The Secret to Student Housing Design Success

Student Housing - 03/27/2023

Designing for student housing is becoming increasingly important. With the high demand for student living, developers and property owners need to ensure that their properties are up to date with the latest student housing trends in design. When it comes to student housing, the design of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) can make all the […]

Empty Office Spaces Are Better Off Furnished – Here’s Why

Furniture Options - 02/07/2023

As the US office market experiences higher and higher vacancies, it makes sense for landlords of speculative office spaces to keep units furnished and set up. All factors considered, keeping office spaces empty can be costlier in the long run. The benefits of furnished office spaces arguably outweigh maintenance costs.  Don’t believe us? Check out […]

How Rental Furniture Can Help Meet the Evolving Needs of Student Housing

Student Housing - 01/16/2023

When it comes to student furniture rental, things have changed dramatically in recent years. The days of students wanting simple, easy-to-use furniture are gone. Today’s students expect more from their university housing, and that includes better furniture options along with impeccable after-sale services. Furniture rental companies need to be aware of these changing student housing […]

Why it’s the Ideal Time to Renovate your Hotel, And How Inhabitr Can Help 

Furniture Options - 01/05/2023

As expected, hotel occupancy and revenue are still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19. U.S. hotel leisure travel revenue is in 2022 projected to end 14% above 2019 levels, but business travel revenue is expected to come within only 1% of 2019 levels, according to a new analysis released by AHLA and Kalibri Labs. These […]

Renting Furniture: The Smart Move in an Inflationary Economy

Furniture Options - 12/20/2022

It’s no secret that the economy is in a state of flux. Prices are rising, and we’re met with a lot of uncertainty about what’s to come. The 3rd Quarter (Q3 of FY22) ended with an inflation rate of 8.2% which is exponentially higher than the 3.2% average (source). As current leases end and you […]

Colors For Winter Interior Decor

Design Space - 12/06/2022

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes the cozy, sophisticated, and festive spirit of the season. When dreaming up winter decorating ideas there are a myriad of ways to bring the season to life in your space.  Whether you want to prioritize comfort and warmth or simplicity and elegance, winter decor is […]

Creating a Social Space in Your Workplace: Benefits & How to Do It

Design Space - 11/16/2022

When it comes to office design, many people think of the practical aspects only: where will the desk go, how big should the meeting room be? But what about creating a social space – a place where employees can relax and socialize away from their workstations? A social space can help improve communication and collaboration […]

What Makes The Perfect Accent Chair

Design Space - 11/11/2022

A small accent chair can be the centerpiece of a living room furniture set, or it can be a clumsy addition that sticks out like a sore thumb. And with the vast variety of styles, colors, and sizes, how do you make sure your accent chair is working for you, not against you? From color […]

Getting Pied-A-Terre Furniture: Our Tips For Your Urban Getaway

Design Space - 11/08/2022

A Pied-A-Terre is the perfect place to escape for a weekend in the city! The French phrase translates to “a foot on the ground” and describes a small apartment serving as an urban getaway. You picked this location and this space to tap into who you are, reflect your personal style, and be a retreat […]

Get The Look: Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas For A Beautiful Space

Design Space - 11/02/2022

Do you like to romanticize your life? Do you want a dramatically comforting, nostalgic space? Or do you just long for the days of old, when life was simpler and everyone took the time to enjoy a good cup of coffee? If so, you’ll love these vintage living room decor ideas!  With just a few […]

Essential Furniture and Accessories For A Coworking Space

Furniture Options - 10/27/2022

Coworking spaces have seen a rise in the recent past and for good reason, It can be tough to stay focused at home: you might find yourself getting up to make coffee every hour, or taking too many breaks to watch Netflix. One way to combat this is by coworking with others. In this blog […]

Hotel Furniture Rental: The Economic & Stylish Way to Furnish Your Hotel

Furniture Options - 10/07/2022

With the revenue of the hospitality industry expected to reach $168 billion by the end of 2022, there is no doubt that the hotel industry is booming. Consequently, the demand for hotel rooms is also on the rise. As a result, hoteliers are constantly looking for ways to improve their properties and make them stand […]

How To Pick The Best Storage Furniture For Your Bedroom

Design Space - 10/04/2022

A messy room can be highly stress-inducing: clutter all around you can make it difficult to think and move around. Optimizing your bedroom’s storage space can improve your quality of life! In this blog, we have tips and guidelines for optimizing your bedroom’s storage furniture. Read ahead! A cluttered room doesn’t just look messy and […]

Small Business Office Design Ideas to Inspire Your Workspace

Design Space - 09/23/2022

If you are like most small business owners, you are always looking for ways to improve your workspace. Maybe you need to find a way to make more room in your office, or maybe you are just looking for some inspiration when it comes to decorating. In either case, this blog post is for you!  […]

Student Hacks For Living In a Small Space

Student Housing - 09/15/2022

If you’re like most college students, you probably don’t have a lot of space to work within your dorm or apartment. But just because you don’t have a lot of square footage doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you do have. With a little creativity and some smart furniture choices, you […]

Add Color To Your Life: How To Enliven Your Decor With Color

Design Space - 09/07/2022

How you decorate your space speaks volumes about who you are and what you love. While there are many ways to add personality to your décor, using color is one of the simplest and most effective methods.  Decorating with bold colors, for instance, might stray away from classic neutral designs, but it could add vibrant […]

Top 5 Things Students Are Looking For In Furnished Apartments

Student Housing - 09/02/2022

Finding a place to live is always a challenge, especially as a student on a budget. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we’ll share the most important things students are looking for in furnished apartments. So whether you’re just starting your search or you’re almost ready to sign on […]

How Office Furniture Rental Might Be Great For Your Commercial Space

Furniture Options - 08/29/2022

If you’re figuring out how to furnish your office space, you may be wondering whether it’s a better idea to buy or rent furniture. The latter has recently gained a lot of popularity, with a surge in companies providing their employees with work-from-home options and the idea of a more flexible workspace taking root. Why […]

Inhabitr’s Mid-Century Modern Furniture Guide

Design Space - 08/17/2022

Mid-Century Modern Style furniture has undeniable charm. It’s defined by several factors: the style gives us clean lines, gentle organic curves, and a passion for different materials and shapes. This blog post highlights features of mid-century modern furniture! There is a distinct timelessness associated with the clean lines, gentle corners and a love for a […]

Hotel Design Trends for 2022: Give Your Guests a Second Home

Design Space - 08/12/2022

Hotel design trends these days are all about making guests feel more at home. This means including furniture and accessories that will make them feel comfortable and welcomed.  Some of the top hotel trends include using warmer colors, adding rugs and plants, and integrating technology into the room. If you’re looking to renovate your hotel […]

Airbnb Essential Furniture Checklist: What Your Airbnb Needs

Furniture Options - 08/09/2022

You have a beautiful property in the ideal location for an Airbnb. Great! Airbnbs are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They offer travelers a unique experience, and often at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. With that being said, It’s important to keep a few things in mind when it […]

8 Office Furniture Ideas to Improve Workplace Vibe

Design Space - 08/02/2022

When it comes to office furniture layout, many people are at a loss. What is the best way to arrange desks and cubicles in order to maximize productivity? How can you maintain a healthy work environment? And what type of office furniture is needed? In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions […]

8 Cost-Effective Hotel Room Design Tips

Design Space - 07/27/2022

Stylish hotel guest rooms could make your business far more appealing to customers, resulting in better reviews and more returning customers and referrals. Setting up a stylish and comfortable hotel room doesn’t have to break the bank, though: if you want to be careful about expenses in your hospitality business, you could use creative design […]

How to Style a Small Airbnb Living Room for Maximum Impact

Design Space - 07/22/2022

When you are working with a small space, it is important to make the most of every square inch. This can be a challenge, but it is definitely possible if you use some creative styling techniques. In this blog post, we will discuss how to style a small living room in a way that makes […]

How to Furnish an Open Concept Living Room Perfectly For Your Airbnb

Design Space - 07/19/2022

When you’re furnishing an open concept living room, the biggest challenge can be making sure the space doesn’t feel too open and sparse. With no walls to section off different areas of the room, it can be tricky to figure out where to put furniture. In this blog post, we’ll give you tips for stylishly […]

How to Furnish Your Airbnb On a Budget: 8 Key Tips

Furniture Options - 07/15/2022

Furnishing an Airbnb can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re new to the process or if you’re running on a tight budget. Figuring out how to furnish a small Airbnb on a budget can, too, be difficult and you might be looking for ways to minimize costs. Here are some suggestions that won’t break […]

8 Tips for keeping a Small Bedroom Clutter-Free and Stylish

Design Space - 07/11/2022

When you’re living in a small space, it’s important to make the most of every square inch. This is especially true when it comes to your bedroom. A small bedroom can be just as stylish and comfortable as a larger one, you just need to know how to work with the space you have. In […]

How to Keep Your Interior Decor Timeless: Tips and Tricks

Design Space - 07/06/2022

There are so many trends in interior decorating that it can be tough to keep up. One day, everything is shabby chic and the next, it’s all about minimalism. How do you make sure that your home looks stylish and timeless? By following these timeless interior design tips! In this blog post, we will discuss […]

How To Rent Furniture For Your First Apartment

Furniture Options - 07/01/2022

If you’re moving into your first apartment, the process of furnishing it can seem daunting. How do you know what to rent? How does renting furniture work? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll give you a guide to renting furniture for your first apartment. Moving into your first apartment […]

Coastal Interior Design Ideas For a Breezy Home

Design Space - 06/24/2022

Who doesn’t love the beach? You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the calming qualities of a coastal feel apartment. A good place to start is by playing with the colors of the sky, sea, and sand to form a dreamy theme. The entire concept of coastal interior design is to imbibe […]

May Newsletter: Inhabitr’s Summer Highlights

Newsletter - 06/22/2022

Spice up your decor this summer! Inhabitr’s May Newsletter has tips for making your house unique and welcoming. Change a few things about your decor to celebrate the summer spirit. Be it because people are likely to visit your space during the vacation season or because a sunny environment charges your creativity, sprucing up your […]

7 Furniture and Decor Choices for a Relaxing Bedroom

Design Space - 06/17/2022

Your bedroom is supposed to be a place of comfort and relaxation. It’s a space where you can escape the stresses of the world and just enjoy some peace and quiet. A pleasant, cozy bedroom can make a world of difference in your quality of life – sinking into your mattress after a long exhausting […]

Inhabitr Furniture Rental is Now Available in Tucson!

Inhabitr News - 06/14/2022

We’re excited to announce that our exemplary furniture rental services are now available in Tucson, Arizona! We take pride in making the furnishing process hassle-free and flexible for all our customers, and we look forward to expanding our base in the vibrant city of Tucson. We also provide furniture rental to the suburbs around Tucson, […]

How To Pick The Right Office Desk for Your Home Workspace

Design Space - 06/09/2022

Not all desks are created equal – some are designed for people who need a lot of storage space, while others are perfect for people who need to spread out and work on multiple projects at once. Picking just the right desk is tricky but worth putting thought into: having the right office furniture can […]

Inhabitr Furniture Rental is coming to San Antonio!

Inhabitr News - 06/06/2022

Inhabitr Furniture Rental is now providing stylish and affordable furniture rental in San Antonio, Texas! We offer high-quality furniture for rent, and our furniture is also available to buy new, buy used, or rent-to-own. We’ve had the pleasure of serving several other cities including Dallas and Austin, and we look forward to expanding to the […]

Entryway Design Ideas For a Welcoming Home

Design Space - 05/18/2022

Entryways are the perfect place to establish welcoming vibes in your home. Whether it’s a big foyer or a barely-there space at the front door, this area is the first room you see when you walk into the house. It sets the look and feel for your entire house, and we all know just how […]

Get Student Furniture Rental at Inhabitr!

Furniture Options - 04/25/2022

Inhabitr’s student furniture rental packages make it much easier to furnish your college dorm room or off-campus apartment! We at Inhabitr try our best to make getting furniture both affordable and hassle-free: the goal is to help you live comfortably without having to waste too much time or having to spend too much money at […]

How Inhabitr Provides Sustainable & Affordable Furniture

Inhabitr Spotlight - 04/20/2022

Inhabitr was recently mentioned in Apartment Therapy, a lifestyle blogs and publishing company that focuses on home design & décor. They shed light on our initiative of keeping furniture out of the landfills & adopting a sustainable approach by using our furniture cloud. Inhabitat, a blog that speaks often about the importance of a green […]

Inhabitr Named Best Furniture Rental Company Two Years In A Row!

Inhabitr News - 04/12/2022

The diversity of our services and support from our customers helped us achieve the “Best Variety of Service” award from MyDomaine, yet again! “What’s unique about Inhabitr is that it not only offers furniture rentals, but it also sells both new and used furniture”, they said, “The website is straightforward in its pricing, listing a […]

Inhabitr Reviews: What Customers Say About Inhabitr Furniture Rental

Inhabitr Spotlight - 04/08/2022

Since it was formed in 2018 Inhabitr has come a long way, providing hassle-free furniture to thousands of customers. We allow customers the option to rent, rent-to-own, buy new, or buy used furniture, and we operate in 10 cities and their surrounding suburbs! We try to make furniture as easy as possible, trying to provide […]

What To Look For When Buying a TV Stand: Inhabitr’s Guide

Design Space - 03/31/2022

The most common form of entertainment in every household is watching TV: sitting back on a couch after a long day watching a beloved show is a classic. With good interior design choices, the TV area can be a stylish section of your house, too, while being functional. To give your flat-screen a classy and […]

How To Give A Living Room A Unique Look

Design Space - 03/25/2022

There’s nothing like crafting a well designed living room suitable for entertaining guests and enjoying life with loved ones. The nucleus of the house often sets a tone for the rest of your house: it’s very often the space guests see first in the house, and it’s likely the place people spend most time in.  […]

Spring Home Decor Ideas For A Flowery Fresh Space

Design Space - 03/24/2022

Spring is inarguably a very pleasant season. With the coldness of winter finally over, you’re likely ready to step outside with a fresh spirit to enjoy the breeze. Just thinking about it evokes freshness, light-heartedness, and warmth. You might want to be your best self this new season, embracing the liveliness it implies. You might […]

How To Make Your Home Look More Modern: Tips From Inhabitr

Design Space - 03/16/2022

The combination of modern and stylish looks often feels like a dream come true in your home.  Interior designers are constantly creating beautiful homes of contemporary style. Inspired by this, we’ve put together this guide on how to modernize your home exterior and interior.  It turns out that modern homes are the easiest to decorate, […]

“Space-tacular” Small Room Decor Ideas To Expand Space

Design Space - 03/10/2022

The battle for space is never-ending in compact homes. The living rooms, especially, are expected to have all the essentials and yet look spacious. We wish to have spacious bedrooms as well, to be as comfortable as we can in our space.  The inherent problem with compact spaces is that they allow little room for […]

Things To Remember When Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving Tips - 03/03/2022

Moving into your new apartment is exciting, and moving into your first apartment stirs up the excitement that cannot be measured. With the excitement of moving in comes the stress of how to furnish your apartment.  It’s also a challenge because there are so many major purchases to make, often with a budget in mind. […]

Inhabitr’s Guide To Furniture Rentals And Why They’re A Good Idea

Furniture Options - 02/28/2022

Renting furniture is now easier and more convenient than it has ever been. If you aren’t ready to splurge on new furniture, be it a sofa or dining set, renting a high-quality furniture piece is a great alternative. Furniture rental companies help you get furniture conveniently, without you having to spend a huge chunk of […]

How To Make a Temporary Apartment Feel Like Home: 5 Easy Steps

Design Space - 02/21/2022

The moving process is difficult. It can be stressful and pretty expensive to move all your furniture and decor — especially if you’re heading cross-country. However, if you are only planning to move to a city for a short period of time for travel or a contract job, the situation gets even more interesting.  While […]

Client Showcase: How Inhabitr Transformed Former ABC News Anchor Adrienne Bankert’s Space

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/18/2022

Inhabitr prides itself on turning houses into homes. Working with the goal of making the furnishing process more flexible and hassle-free, we set up our customers’ spaces in a way that’s convenient, effective, and cost-friendly. Recently, Inhabitr worked with Adrienne Bankert to furnish her apartment. This was exciting: Adrienne Bankert is an award-winning journalist, author, […]

How to Set Up Your Home Office on a Budget

Furniture Options - 01/31/2022

With the world steadily settling into working from home, home office setups have come into vogue as people figure out the best way to create their workspace. The most integral part of such a home office is probably work-from-home furniture. When you start working from home, you might wind up just diving into the work […]

Why Inhabitr’s DC Furniture Rental Service is a Great Choice

Inhabitr Spotlight - 01/27/2022

If you’re looking for temporary furniture rental in the DC Metro Area, Inhabitr Furniture Rental DC might be the answer for you. Whether you’re a student, a realtor, someone who moves often, or just someone who wants to furnish their space without spending too much at one go, our home and apartment furniture rental packages […]

How to Mix and Match Furniture Styles Like a Pro

Design Space - 01/20/2022

No matter how big or small the space in your home is, styling it with appropriate furniture can be a tedious and tricky task. The way your home appears leaves an impact on you as well as others around you.  With so many themes & styles to choose from, the number of options can be […]

How To Pull Off All-Black Furniture With Style

Design Space - 01/15/2022

Having all-black furniture in your home can create a great sleek, simple, and modern look. If you plan out how you want the room to come together, you’ll end up with a striking and stylish home; all it takes is a bit of inspiration.  If a black bedroom or living room seems like an outlandish […]

How to Organize a Move: Tips and Tricks from Inhabitr

Moving Tips - 01/11/2022

While the thought of finally moving into your new home may be exciting, especially after weeks of hassle and unending formalities, just thinking about preparing for a big move can make any calm individual nervous and anxious. We’re here to help you with some effective yet simple house moving tips and tricks to help you […]

How to Decorate a Small Dining Room, for “Comfor-table” Meals

Design Space - 01/06/2022

For many of us, the dining table is a destination for us to catch up, laugh, eat and rejoice in good company. Whether it’s a whole room, a kitchen-diner, or perhaps just a small table in the corner, dining areas come in all shapes and sizes.  With some simple tips and tricks, any space can […]

Famous Furniture From The Movie World

Collaborations - 12/29/2021

When selecting your furniture, you want it to reflect your tastes, working together with the colors in the room to reflect your taste and create an ambience that feels comfortable or can be used to make a real statement. The inspiration for your choice can come from many places, be it an era or a […]

Post-Christmas Winter Home Decor Ideas To Help You Spruce It Up 

Design Space - 12/27/2021

Winter brings in much joy and enthusiasm. It’s the official holiday season, the season of togetherness & celebration.  The fun involves decorating your home for the season. With all the Christmas decorations looking scintillating and vibrant, people tend to get confused as to how to go about winter decor after Christmas. Many wonder what’s to […]

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture When Moving

Furniture Options - 12/23/2021

Moving to a new place is seen as a stressful activity by many. After all, moving requires a lot of hard work & patience. Even under the best of circumstances, the act of moving can take a toll on anyone. From moving furniture to finding perfect accessories for your new space, the process is unending […]

Guest Room Interior Design Tips For a Welcoming Home

Design Space - 12/16/2021

A guest bedroom can make your house feel more home-like for your visitors. Like any part of your home, you want your guest bedroom to be as presentable as possible. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re sleeping somewhere with no effort put into it.  A guest bedroom is a great addition if […]

How to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room

Design Space - 12/09/2021

We all know the art of home decor is complex & tiring. How we organize furniture within a room can have an impact on our behavior and how we perceive our space. An awkward living room furniture layout can create one of the common odd spaces in houses. It comes in all shapes and sizes—from […]

Inhabitr’s Coffee Table Buying Guide, Espresso-ly For You

Design Space - 12/06/2021

Ever found yourself wishing that you had a coffee table, or an end table, or even a console table for that matter, while you are working or reading? If so, then you know the significance of a coffee table and an end table. These pieces of furniture don’t just beautify your house, but they also […]

A 5 Step Guide to Find Your Ideal Home Decor Style 

Design Space - 11/29/2021

If you read a magazine or open Pinterest, you are bound to feel attracted to a fancy mirror, an aesthetic windowpane, or simply some in-house greenery. This, in turn, inspires you to try out similar interior design for your own space because… why not?  But when you implement the ideas yourself, you realize that it’s […]

Give Your Grey Couch a Makeover: Grey-t Sofa Styling Tips

Design Space - 11/26/2021

If there is one color the world simply cannot seem to get enough of, then it is undoubtedly grey! The last decade has seen grey not only lead the pack of neutral colors, but it also has surged so far ahead of the rest, that the trend is now an era-defining feature.  For those who […]

Essential Furniture Pieces For a Living Room: a Checklist

Furniture Options - 11/24/2021

The living room is one of the core spaces of an apartment. From spending leisure time watching television to reading your favorite novel sitting on the sofa, the living room is the hub of the home. Furniture plays a pivotal role in this, and how to arrange living room furniture is everyone’s question. If you’ve […]

7 Rustic Interior Design Tips For The Perfect Vintage Vibe

Design Space - 11/19/2021

Modern rustic spaces tell stories with texture, color, and accent pieces. If a modern decor style is chock-full of clean and simple lines, think of rustic home decor as the ideal middle ground between that and cottage-chic. In other words, rustic home decor is one of our favorite ways to make a room look lived-in, […]

5 Minimalist Interior Design Tips: Keep It Simple But Significant

Design Space - 11/06/2021

People are resorting to more modern ways of home décor and realizing that when it comes to furniture, ‘less is more’. The minimalist aesthetic in interior design is all about maintaining soothing lighting and having abundant open space in the house. When done right, minimalistic décor will not go out of fashion in the long […]

Tips to Pull Off Bohemian Style Home Decor: a Chic-list

Design Space - 10/26/2021

What does Boho style decor mean? Bohemian stands for “socially unconventional in an artistic way.” Bohemian, Boho style, or Boho chic style is a rule-breaking, personal, and unconventional style of decorating a living space. Boho style incorporates an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures. This relaxing style with traditional design rules can be used […]

How to Make a Large Room Feel Cozy: Our Snug-gestions

Design Space - 10/22/2021

After a stressful day at work, everyone comes back home into the warmth of their home to relax and rejuvenate themselves. As soon as you step foot into any home and wander into the living room, you want to feel a sense of comfort, even tranquillity.  The best way to ensure having that feeling every […]

Are Coffee Tables Out of Style? We Say They’re Brew-tiful

Design Space - 10/09/2021

Coffee tables are standard living room furniture pieces. When anyone thinks of a living room, they probably conjure up an image of a sofa, a coffee table, and some combination of curtains, an accent chair, a side table or two, a TV set, and a lamp together in a room. You might want to break […]

Is Rent To Own Furniture A Good Idea?

Furniture Options - 10/04/2021

Compared to renting, rent to own has the obvious benefit in the end result: you actually own the piece of furniture you’re renting. Instead of making payments indefinitely, you’ll have something that belongs to you at the end of the contract. In general, renting to own is the best option when you want to experience […]

Fall Home Decor Trends For a Cozy Home

Design Space - 09/30/2021

The temperature has started to cool down and the kids have returned to their regular school routine. What does that tell us? Fall is officially here!  Embrace the season of colors, warmth and liveliness by decorating your home in cozy fabrics, warm and earthy tones along with vintage pieces. Here are 6 fall home decor ideas […]

What to Consider While Choosing a Dining Table

Design Space - 09/25/2021

Dining Tables hold an important position in dining room furniture. Every dining room has a story that revolves around the dining table. The dining room is a space for get-togethers, cosy chatty dinners, family time, etc and hence deserves to be decorated well. If you need new furniture, there’s no shortage of styles and designs […]

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Washington DC

Moving Tips - 09/11/2021

As our nation’s capital, Washington DC is one of the most popular destinations for young professionals, college students, and anyone interested in politics. If that’s you, take a look at some of the tips we’ve compiled  Something you have to be aware of when moving to DC is the infamous DC weather. You can expect […]

How to Get a Good Deal on Outdoor Furniture

Furniture Options - 09/09/2021

Do you have a patio that you’re itching to transform into a beautiful place? You have a world of possibility open to you: if you just put in a few key furniture and decor items, you could have yourself a wonderful, pleasant, sunny lounge space in your home. You could use a furnished outdoor space […]

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Furniture Options - 09/06/2021

With everything resuming, the comfort factor of working from home will soon be gone. However, with the proper understanding of office ergonomics, one can maintain a level of comfort to optimize efficiency in the workplace.   As fancy as the term sounds, ergonomic furniture simply means a setup that ensures comfort and safety whilst boosting workforce […]

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Dallas

Moving Tips - 09/02/2021

Dallas-Fort Worth is a staple of American culture. Home of the Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Zoo and more, there’s always something to do. The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” couldn’t be truer, which can be a little bit overwhelming for a first-timer in Dallas. Don’t worry, we’ve put together the top 4 tips for anyone […]

How to Furnish a College Apartment Affordably

Furniture Options - 08/31/2021

Going to College is one of the most amazing things for any young adult. But let’s face it, though college life is super fun, moving into your college apartment can be stressful. As a student, there are high chances of you being on a budget, and decorating your apartment can be a sure challenge. If […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Furnishing a Living Room

Design Space - 08/28/2021

The living room. A huge, comfy sofa that’s placed there. That’s exactly where you would love to crash after a tiring day at work. Your living room should make you feel relaxed and calm, and should also be a place where you can host an awesome party for your friends and family over the weekend.  […]

Why You Should Rent Staging Furniture

Home Staging - 08/26/2021

Staging an apartment is an exciting task, but all the excitement exhausts when you have to run errands to find the furniture that fits your style, budget and quality expectations.  Many times, you might regret your decision because the furniture might not suit the paint in your room or the quality deteriorates quickly! Such a […]

How to Use Rental Furniture for Home Staging

Home Staging - 08/23/2021

Staging a property means placing well-picked furniture and accessories strategically, so that the space looks more appealing to prospective home buyers. Any real-estate expert would agree that a well-done staged property leads to a quicker sale and a better price. Staging helps buyers imagine your listing as a space they’d live in. An unfurnished apartment […]

Top 5 Tips for Furnishing your Patio

Design Space - 08/12/2021

Are you thinking of hosting a dinner party for your friends & family? Gone are the days when a party used to be held indoors. Outdoor dining is the new way to host a get-together.  If you are lucky enough to have a patio attached to your home, do not let it sit idle, with […]

Dos and Don’ts of Furnishing a Small Apartment

Design Space - 08/11/2021

Each one dreams of having a lavish space but in this world of a serious space crunch it clearly is a dream. Small spaces are super compact & sometimes very difficult to decorate.  The correct furniture sets, following smart home decor ideas can help you amp up your cosy space into something absolutely stunning. Here […]

How to Choose the Best Accent Chair for your Living Room

Design Space - 08/10/2021

Picking an accent chair for your living room can be a daunting task. There’s a huge number of style, color, and size options available out there, and it can be difficult to know where to start or what to look for. To help you out, here’s a handy guide on how to pick the best […]

Top 4 Tips for Moving to Austin

Moving Tips - 08/05/2021

Austin, Texas has seen massive growth in the last decade, and for good reason; with its burgeoning tech scene, diverse culture, and the famous sunny Austin weather, there’s a lot to be excited about if you’re moving there.  One of the biggest reasons people are flocking to Austin is their reasonable housing prices. Uprooting your […]

Home Decor Mistakes & How You can Avoid Them!

Design Space - 08/03/2021

Designing your own apartment sounds fun and exciting. Sometimes, the idea in your head may not necessarily shape up to be exactly in reality as compared to how you pictured it. An error as small as an artwork’s placement can flaw the entire appeal of your house!  We are all filled with ideas and have […]

How to Design the Right Office Space for you?

Design Space - 08/02/2021

Since the pandemic began in 2020, most of us have been at home. Lives have changed. For those who used to go to the office and enjoy the work culture, working from home became the new norm. But having the right office space at home makes all the difference.  You won’t miss out on that […]

How Furniture Rental Saves the Environment

Lifestyle - 07/21/2021

With comfort being the essence of living, the need for convenient interior design and furniture has increased over the years. Furniture sales recorded over the last financial quarter was about $120 billion.   On average, people now move 3-4 times between the age of 22 and 29 which leads to a hefty demand for furniture. This […]

How to Get a Good Deal on a Living Room Furniture Set?

Miscellaneous - 06/30/2021

Your living room should portray a story of who you are and a collection of what you love. However, with a huge variety of living room styling options available online, it gets tough to decide which décor we wish to have. Don’t we have our Pinterest walls filled with interior design ideas? After overcoming this […]

Top 4 Tips for Moving to Seattle

Moving Tips - 05/13/2021

Moving to a new city is always an adventure. You’re likely leaving a place of familiarity with established connections and routine in favor of something totally new. A common trap for new residents of a city is to sit at home without exploring what their new city has to offer.  If you’re moving to Seattle, […]

The Best Guide to Furnishing a Vacation Rental

Home Staging - 05/11/2021

Not a single one of us needs a reason to go on vacation. They are relaxing, fun and ever so needed. And this is exactly why it’s a wonderful idea to turn your home into a vacation rental.  Instead of staying in a cramped hotel room, vacationers prefer to book a vacation rental as there’s […]

Is Renting Furniture, Appliances, and Home Decor a Good Idea?

Furniture Options - 05/10/2021

Furniture is said to complete a home, it makes living in a house more comfortable. Appliances are equally important, they ensure that any work is made easy & less time-consuming. In recent years, renting furniture, accents, & appliances has become a trend over purchasing outright. Olden days consisted of purchasing furniture which would eventually go […]

Inhabitr named 2021’s Best Furniture Rental Company

Inhabitr News - 05/07/2021

Since 2018, Inhabitr has had the goals of disrupting the furniture industry and ensuring that anyone who used our services would love us so much they’d never choose anyone else. This year we have put great efforts into expanding our reach and helping people across the country see why renting furniture is worth it.  So […]

Why Should You Rent Furniture?

Furniture Options - 04/26/2021

If you are someone who is constantly on the move, shifting houses, or traveling due to your job, looking for furniture can be a big hassle. Life for so many of us is fast-paced and on the go. The time to “explore” furniture can be difficult to come by.  That being said, you should still […]

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