How To Pull Off All-Black Furniture With Style

Design Space - 01/15/2022

Having all-black furniture in your home can create a great sleek, simple, and modern look. If you plan out how you want the room to come together, you’ll end up with a striking and stylish home; all it takes is a bit of inspiration. 

If a black bedroom or living room seems like an outlandish idea to you, that’s fine. For many of us, black isn’t our first choice. However, is black furniture in style? Definitely. It’s a trending design choice for a reason, and an interplay of black and white accessories creates a striking space. 

Addicted to black or not, these stylish black furniture design ideas are a decor treasure trove! Convinced? Here are our tips on how to decorate with all-black furniture.

  1. Light The Spots
Inhabitr_Light The Spots

Black bedroom furniture and subtle lights are like a match made in decor heaven. Be it a table lamp by the side of your bed or a plush chandelier hanging from the ceiling, lights bring out the beauty of a black bedroom. Bet on them if you need a stunning black bedroom all for yourself. 

When it comes to black living room furniture as well, you can add up an elegant black sofa set with beautiful lamps to get a dreamy and classy decor setup. 

  1. Pair With Whites
Inhabitr_Pair With Whites

A black and white themed bedroom is a decor trend that has never missed the mark. You can paint one of your walls white and pair it up with all black furniture, and additionally get white and gold accent pieces for an absolutely ethereal look. A black-white bedroom is perfect to bring out soothing contrasts.

  1. Green The Black
Inhabitr_Green the Black

Indoor plants in a bedroom that is all black? Never thought about it, right? But a pop of green will beautifully balance the decadence of black and make it more stimulating. Most importantly, this lush greenery not only balances the dark decor plan but also makes the room feel alive.

  1. Mesmerise With A Mirror
Inhabitr_Mesmerise With A Mirror

Mirrors on black walls look uber-sophisticated and chic. Straight out from a palace, elegant mirrors make a black bedroom look more spacious and add a tinge of luxury to the aesthetic. You can place a large mirror on one of the walls or arrange an array of three-four mirrors varying in size – it would undoubtedly make a black bedroom more interesting.

  1. Use Light-colored rugs 
Inhabitr_Light colored rugs

Dark furniture works best when contrasted with light colors. Rugs are a great way to add depth to a room. Light-colored rugs match well with black furniture. Get colors and tones that match your vibe, and you’re good to go. Check out Inhabitr’s range of rugs! You might find just what you need.

  1. Add a Pop of Color 
Inhabitr_Add a Pop of Color

With a black and white room, you’ll want to add a splash of color to your space to give it personality. There are tons of ways you can do this! You can add succulents, throw pillows, small bowls, or coffee table books, colorful accent chairs, knick-knacks, and elevate the look of a black room — the possibilities are endless.

Feeling all inspired to create a black bedroom now? These ideas will help you choose the right hack to make it all the more stunning. 

If you’re just experimenting with your decor setup, you could consider renting furniture. Inhabitr provides smart furniture and decor products for rent at reasonable prices. You could get the nicest black sofa set design accompaniments, and swap pieces when you want to switch up your style! Check out our living room and bedroom furniture here. If you’re looking for rental furniture online, Inhabitr is your answer.

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