What is

Inhabitr is a quality furniture rental company in the United States. With our trendy and affordable furniture options you’ll always have great deals to choose from!

How does Inhabitr furniture rental work?

Renting from Inhabitr is super simple - you choose what you'd like and how long you'd like it, checkout, then our ops team confirms the items we have and when we can deliver to you. In case any of the items from your order are not available, there is nothing to worry about, we will offer you a free upgrade or a similar product. Once everything is confirmed, we come to deliver and assemble your furniture!

Can I rent Inhabitr furniture if I have pets?

We at Inhabitr are pet-friendly and love all furry friends! If you do have pets, there is a one-time $99 sanitation fee which is charged at the end of your lease once the furniture is picked up.
Please note that this fee does not cover the cost of any physical damage caused by your pets to the furniture. You are still liable for any damage as per your lease.

Do you offer student discounts?

Students get their security deposit waived, so that renting as a student is as easy as possible!

Do you offer a discount for realtors or people furnishing multiple units?

Yes! It depends on how many units you will be furnishing and which sets you choose. You can find out more by emailing

Do you match prices?

Yup! Not only do we match our competitors’ prices but also beat them by 5% for similar items! All you have to do is provide us with some form of proof (like a quote) from our competitors and we’ll take care of the rest!

What does your interior designing service cover?

Our interior designers will help glam up your space in no time! All you need to do is send us your floor plan on with a little bit of information (such as your delivery zip code, the type of furniture you’re looking for, the amount of time you’d like to rent for and when you need your delivery). Once that’s done, our designers will create a customized mood board and we’ll have it shared along with a quotation for the items in your cart!

Why do I see a handling fee in my cart?

We want you to be able to check out with as many or as little items as you need. Unlike our competitors who force a minimum cart requirement for you to checkout, we have no such restrictions. It helps us cover our costs for transportation while still being able to serve you. If your cart value [monthly rent x duration of your lease] is less than $1500, a Handling Fee of $199 would be applicable. In case of buying, if your cart value is less than $2500, a Handling Fee of $199 would be levied.

Can I cancel my order after I’ve already paid?

Yes! We understand things happen and you may need to cancel your order. So we have multiple options depending on your situation

Cancel within 24 hours* Cancel within 24 hours but less than five days before your scheduled delivery date* Cancel after 24 hours and five or more days before your scheduled delivery date* Cancel after 24 hours but less than five days before your scheduled delivery date*
No cancellation fee $99 cancellation fee $49 cancellation fee $99 cancellation fee

What happens if I want to return/ exchange an item I received?

Yes, it is possible to do returns or exchanges. The return is totally free as long as you return the item before the delivery crew has left your house. Otherwise, you will have to pay the $199 return or exchange fee because it will be a round trip for the crew.

What do I get with the apartment setup option?

Our team of designers will choose the perfect blend of collections and products to have your apartment ready before you move in. Bring your clothes and whatever else you need, leave the rest to us for a Staging Fee of $199.

I don’t like some items in a particular set. Can I drop them or choose something else from a different set?

Yes, while placing your order you can change items in a particular set.
You can drop anything you don’t want or like OR swap it with another item. The items shall be subject to availability. Our experts will help you in doing so. We’ll inform you of any changes in pricing. Please note that you have to notify us for the change atleast 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery date and you may not be able to swap after your order has been delivered*
*For more on our return policy after delivery, please refer to *hyperlink* our previous question on returns/exchanges

How do protection fees work for buying furniture?

If you buy furniture from us, you are protected from certain damages.

Our protection fee covers accidental stains, rips, tears, burns, and punctures scratch, gouge, chip, puncture or dent that penetrate the top coat of hard surface finish; Does not cover damage from beaks, claws, or teeth; Also does not cover loss due to theft.
Some specifics may depend on your exact situation. E.g., if damages were caused by our team in transit and are easily repairable, we’ll likely have you covered no problem! If damages were caused by customer negligence, then you might not be covered.
We recognize that every situation is different, so have a chat with our live customer support team or email us at and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Does Inhabitr require a credit check?

Inhabitr may perform a soft credit check and request additional information and documents once your order is placed. This is done to provide the best experience for our customers and involves pulling various pieces of information as part of the verification process. It is important to note that a soft credit check (also known as "soft pulls”) does not affect your credit score. Depending on the result of the credit score and the size of your order, our Credit Verification team may request you to pay advance rent. Please note the delivery of the items shall be subject to payment of advance rent by you.

Does Inhabitr require a security deposit?

Orders placed online require a security deposit. If you aren’t willing to pay the full deposit, you can instead opt to buy coverage and add it to your monthly rent. You can remove the deposit fee by opting for the protection plan.
The protection fee is non-refundable and charged every month whereas the deposit fee is a one-time payment that is refundable at the end of the lease.

What is the Ambassador Program and how can I become one?

Through our Ambassador Program you can sign up to represent Inhabitr on various platforms! We’ll give you a unique referral code that you’ll promote for prospective customers to get a special discount. Whenever someone uses your code you get a rebate kick back. This is subject to the terms of our Ambassador Agreement.
You’ll be eligible for $50 per order when the order’s lease is 12 months or longer with a minimum monthly rental amount of $100. You’ll be eligible for $10 per order on any other orders You can register to become an Ambassador here!

What are the options for getting furniture?

Rent: Choose a furniture rental period of up to 36 months
Buy: Choose from a variety of furniture options and pay upfront or
Rent-Now Buy-Later: Rent your furniture and then convert it to a purchase later on. The amount you’ve already paid will be factored into the price to buy
(Note: Furniture that you buy will often be from our certified pre-owned collection)

Will I be charged for damages incurred in transit after an item is picked up from my place when my lease runs out?

No. Our pickup crew takes pictures of all furniture pieces and requires you to sign the pick-up sheet confirming that no items have been damaged during the lease term at your place. This is to ensure that you aren’t charged for any damage caused after we pick up your furniture.
If there are damages, you’ll need to immediately report it at the time of delivery and send an email to us at so we can act immediately.

What if I need to end my lease early?

Yes, you can end your lease early. However, the difference between the rental period will determine how much you need to pay. For example, if you are breaking a 12-month lease after 3 months, you will be charged the difference between the rental fee applicable for a 3-month lease and a 12-month lease, as shorter leases are more expensive.

Can I get a refund of the break-free fee if I don’t use the break-free option?

Unfortunately not. Our "Break-free" option is an insurance option for if you need to end your lease early. Prematurely ending a lease upsets our fluid pricing model, but we understand that things don’t always go as planned.
The break-free option allows us to plan accordingly in the event of something happening, but like other insurance options we don’t offer a refund of the break-free fee if that something never happens.

Can I extend my lease, or buy the leased furniture after it ends?

Yes, both options are available. Please email us at or talk to a customer service representative if you’re interested in doing so!

Do you do daily rentals, or rentals for parties and events?

Our minimum lease duration is three months, but if you prefer a daily or short-term rental, you can arrange for pick-up as soon as you're finished. Although you will be required to pay for the minimum three months of rent, you have the freedom to choose the length of your rental period.

Can I pay the entire lease amount upfront?

Yes! If you pay your entire lease amount upfront, you will get a 10% discount on the total lease amount. If you pay half of your entire lease amount upfront you will get a 5% discount on the total lease amount.

Do you deliver, or do we have to pick up?

We offer white glove delivery, assembly, and pick-up as the rates mentioned at checkout and in your lease agreement!

What is White Glove Delivery and Assembly?

We make sure to bring, assemble and stage all the furniture you’ve ordered and set your home up to suit your exact preferences.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, DC Metro, Phoenix, San Antonio, and San Francisco . Click here to see a list of zip codes that are eligible for FREE DELIVERY.
For the suburbs surrounding these cities there is a delivery fee of $149 depending on distance - Click here and simply insert your zipcode to determine the fee for your area. For long distance deliveries there is a $299 delivery fee to cover the cost of the long trip made by our crew.

I need furniture ASAP!

We offer expedited deliveries from within 3 to 7 business days (starting from the day AFTER you order)!

  • If you need delivery within 3 business days after your date of ordering, we charge a $199 expedited delivery fee for it.
  • And for delivery between 4 and 7 business days after the date of ordering, we charge a $99 delivery fee.
  • Note that if your delivery is long distance, there will be an additional fee of either $149 or $299 depending on where you’re located.
  • Confused? You can always contact us at for an immediate and detailed response on how we can help you.

You can always contact us at for an immediate and detailed response on how we can help you.

My lease ended and my furniture is ready for pickup, what’s next?

We ask that you go through the furniture to make sure you haven’t left anything behind! We also ask for a couple weeks’ notice for pickups, but understand that life moves fast, so we're happy to accommodate your needs.

What if my furniture doesn't fit up the stairs/through the door upon delivery?

If there's an item you're concerned about, reach out to and a member of our team will help you decide what to do.
If we arrive with an item that cannot be delivered for some reason (No parking space, wrong apartment building, etc.), there will be a $199 restocking fee for us to take the piece back. Additionally, if your apartment is on a higher floor and the furniture doesn’t fit inside the elevator, we will charge extra for the crew to use the stairs. Price will depend on the size of the order and how many floors the crew needs to carry the furniture for.

How soon is furniture delivered?

Typically delivery is 7 to 10 days from when you place an order. However, we do offer expedited deliveries up to 48 hours for a $199 charge. For expedited deliveries from 3 to 7 days there is a $99 charge. Expedited deliveries are based on availability of stock. Please note that you will need to be home for delivery to sign off on a receipt that your items are in good and proper condition.
If you’ve received a damaged item, you’ll need to both inform the crew at the time of delivery and send an email within 24 hours to receive a full refund.

During delivery, can you remove my old furniture?

No, we do not offer this service. When we deliver, the room or space where the rented furniture will be placed must be empty.

Can I pick up my furniture from your warehouse?

No, pick up is not possible. Our team will deliver and assemble the furniture ourselves as well as pick it up.

Can I change my delivery date after it’s been confirmed?

Yes! You can do it yourself by logging into your Inhabitr account on our website. You can also get in contact with our team either via email or through our website chat. Your new delivery date would require confirmation from our operations team and then you’d be good to go!!

Do you deliver on weekends or after hours?

Unfortunately, we don’t do Sunday deliveries. If you have a special request and really need it to be delivered, we can try and accommodate your request on a case-to-case basis. The charges and other related details would be conveyed to you by our sales and operations team.

Can I pick my delivery date?

After payment, you will be asked to choose three delivery time slots which you can choose according to your convenience. Out of these three slots, our operations team will call you to schedule one. If you have a fixed day in mind, reach out to one of our agents on our Live Chat facility on the website, and they’ll help you figure things out!

Where does your furniture come from?

Our furniture is sourced from multiple manufacturers located in different countries, all of whom uphold the highest standards of furniture-crafting.

What if I damage my furniture during my lease?

We have two options for furniture coverage. You may choose between one of two coverage options to be protected from certain types of damages. Coverage Option 1 allows for payment of 15% of your monthly rental fee to cover your goods. Coverage Option 2 provides the ability to pay a one time deposit to be refunded at the end of your rental term based on the condition of the furniture.

Our protection plans cover small and accidental stains, rips, tears, chips, or dents that penetrate the top coat of hard surface finish. We do not cover damage caused by pets. Additionally, we do not cover large stains, large rips or damage due to negligence and impacts the functionality of the furniture; Also we do not cover loss due to theft. Please also note that if you choose to move forward without furniture protection then you are liable for any and all damages that occur during the term of your lease.

We recognize that every situation is different, so have a chat with our live customer support team or email us at and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Will all of my furniture be new?

Not all of our furniture is brand new, but rest assured that all furniture pieces go through a detailed sanitation and refurbishment process so that they are like new before being rented out again.
In some rare cases, refurbished items may have cuts/marks/dents. In the event this happens, you may see our return policy
Personal items such as towels and linens are all brand new.

Do beds come with mattresses?

It depends! Mattresses are included in all of our bedroom sets, however, if you rent a bed individually, it will not come with a mattress; you will need to add one.

What happens if I find bed bugs in my furniture?

If you find and report that your furniture has bed bugs within the first 7 days of receiving it, we will dispose and replace the furniture free of charge. If you find bed bugs after 7 days of receiving it, it is your responsibility to pay for the furniture costs and for the crew to dispose of it. We would also require a proof of pest inspection report done prior to the delivery of your furniture.

How does payment work?

Payment is done online through our website during checkout. You can pay with either a credit/debit card or a US bank account. We use an automatic payment method, so the amount to be charged each month will automatically be taken from your chosen default. You can change your payment method at any time, and we charge no card processing fees!

How can I change my payment method?

You can do that through your Inhabitr account, or you can email us at and we will be happy to help!

How do I pay if I live in the US but have an international credit card?

We currently accept all major international credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.) from anywhere in the world!

If you need assistance with our products and services, you can call or text by using the following numbers:
Text: +1 312 757 1814
Phone: +1 844 244 8093
You can also chat with our expert support team on our website’s live chat pop up.

All of these FAQs are subject to the detailed terms set forth on our website and/or the agreement.