How Plug-and-Play Offices Can Help You Creatively Lease Out Your Space. 

Furniture Options - 05/19/2023

Plug-and-play office spaces are becoming increasingly popular for office landlords to attract small to medium-sized businesses. They offer a variety of benefits, including flexibility, cost savings, and convenience. If you’re considering setting up a plug-and-play office space, here’s what you need to know. 

Property owners can benefit from leasing out their spaces to small businesses to help them grow within their spaces. By renting out spaces and turning them into workspaces with desks, chairs, and internet access, property owners or developers can get a decent source of revenue!

What are plug-and-play office spaces?

Inhabitr_What are plug and play office spaces

A plug-and-play office space is an office set up for businesses that are quickly growing and constantly evolving. This type of space provides a host of resources to get office businesses up and running without any additional set-up or installation required.

All the amenities of a fully functioning office are simply ready for use in this type of environment, hence the name – plug-and-play. By streamlining the onboarding process and taking out many of the worries inherent with starting or expanding a business, plug-and-play office spaces provide an ideal solution for companies looking for modern-day flexibility.

Benefits of plug-and-play office spaces

INhabitr_Benefits of plug and play office spaces

Having a plug-and-play office space is ideal for many businesses, as it provides both convenience and flexibility. Being able to set up shop quickly in an already furnished area can have a major positive impact on operations, especially for startups or shorter-term projects. Furthermore, since there’s no need to buy workplace furniture or go through the process of installation, costs are kept to a minimum.

On top of that, businesses can often utilize plug-and-play furnished office spaces in multiple locations, meaning they benefit from the ability to access different workspaces and take advantage of their features without making any commitments or going through lengthy contracts.

How to set up a plug-and-play office space

INhabitr_How to set up a plug and play office space

Setting up a plug-and-play office space doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. All you need to do is determine the size of the workforce your space can support, and begin researching office space solutions online. Compare prices, amenities, and available services, then select the option that best fits your specific needs.

When you’ve decided on your resources, there are some simple steps to get your new office ready for work – organizing furniture to create an efficient layout in each room, selecting additional furniture and equipment such as desks and storage cabinets, stocking any kitchen or breakroom supplies needed for your business activities, installing electronics or hardware like PCs or printers when necessary, and setting up any necessary Wi-Fi networks or Internet connections. With those steps complete, you can expect a fully functioning workspace in no time!

Tips for making the most out of a plug-and-play office space

Inhabitr_Tips for making the most out of your plug and play office space

To make the most out of your office space by converting it to a plug-and-play office space, take advantage of all the opportunities for customization and comfort.

  1. Invest in ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is beneficial because it can help to improve employee productivity and boost their overall comfort. Make sure your office chairs and desks are comfortable for use, with adjustable heights and solid construction.

  1. Make sure the space is organized

To ensure your workspace looks neat and professional, organize furniture and decorations in a way that contributes to the type of work you do and the experience you want the employees to have. This will make it easier for employees to find what they need without having to search cluttered areas. Keep shelves, cabinets, and furniture in your plug-and-play office space to facilitate organization.

  1. Consider adding plants and artwork

Adding plants and artwork to your workspace can create a calming atmosphere while also providing visual stimulation. These decor items can bring life to a space organically and effectively, especially when coordinated with natural light sources and thoughtful paint colors.

  1. Make sure your space has all the necessary amenities

A plug-and-play office should have all the necessary amenities like Wi-Fi access, power outlets, telephone lines, and other services in place to ensure that the business can operate efficiently.

How Inhabitr’s office furniture services can help:

Inhabitr_How Inhabitr's Office Furniture can Help

Inhabitr is the perfect solution for businesses looking to set up their own plug-and-play office space. We offer a wide range of corporate furniture and equipment packages, including desks, chairs, storage cabinets, and more. Additionally, our team can provide you with recommendations on the layout design, color selection, and other amenities that can help make your office space more comfortable and efficient. Plus our installation services will make sure that your furniture is set up quickly and correctly.

Inhabitr provides a quick turnaround with committed service. Our furniture is very competitively priced, with leasing and flexible financing options open. We provide a convenient way for businesses to set their spaces up effectively.

Contact us today! Get your plug-and-play office spaces set up.

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