Why You Should Rent Staging Furniture

Home Staging - 08/26/2021

Staging an apartment is an exciting task, but all the excitement exhausts when you have to run errands to find the furniture that fits your style, budget and quality expectations.  Many times, you might regret your decision because the furniture might not suit the paint in your room or the quality deteriorates quickly! Such a […]

How to Use Rental Furniture for Home Staging

Home Staging - 08/23/2021

Staging a property means placing well-picked furniture and accessories strategically, so that the space looks more appealing to prospective home buyers. Any real-estate expert would agree that a well-done staged property leads to a quicker sale and a better price. Staging helps buyers imagine your listing as a space they’d live in. An unfurnished apartment […]

The Best Guide to Furnishing a Vacation Rental

Home Staging - 05/11/2021

Not a single one of us needs a reason to go on vacation. They are relaxing, fun and ever so needed. And this is exactly why it’s a wonderful idea to turn your home into a vacation rental.  Instead of staying in a cramped hotel room, vacationers prefer to book a vacation rental as there’s […]

How do Home Stagers get Furniture?

Home Staging - 01/08/2021

If you are in the business of real estate, it’s essential to ensure that you are able to glorify your property to a level where the customer takes one look at it and goes, “This is exactly what I am looking for!”. You must think it is not an easy task to do this, but […]

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