How do Home Stagers get Furniture?

Home Staging - 01/08/2021

If you are in the business of real estate, it’s essential to ensure that you are able to glorify your property to a level where the customer takes one look at it and goes, “This is exactly what I am looking for!”. You must think it is not an easy task to do this, but with the right furniture, you will be able to sell your property quite easily. The way to convince a potential customer is by appealing to their aesthetic senses & needs. 

So, how do home stagers acquire furniture? They are obviously not going to buy furniture every single time they stage a house. It’s just not financially feasible. If you are a home stager, you have to remember that you are selling the house & not the contents inside, but in order to do that, you have to make sure your house is holistically appealing. 

Where should you get furniture from?

For home stagers, the best way to acquire furniture for staging is by renting it. The concept of rental furniture is hitting the right spot in the real estate market, and there’s a good reason to. Less hassle, flexible options & affordable prices. This is also what Inhabitr promises. 

Inhabitr Rent

Renting furniture could not be any easier. 

Furniture rental for staging can vary. A few online sites have a strict contract regarding the period of rental lease. At many, you will have to rent furniture for a specific period and not for a shorter duration than that. 

The best thing about Inhabitr’s rental furniture is that you can rent furniture for a period of even a month! But, if you opt for a longer lease period, your rent will be less. 

This brings us to the next question. What do you do after you have finished staging one house? Do you give it back? Do you rent it for a longer period? 

It would be better to opt for the latter option since it will be lighter on your pocket and you can use the same furniture to stage other houses as well. Returning the furniture every time you stage a home is not economically feasible. You will be investing more than you can hope to gain, in most cases. You have to take the factors of delivery fees, deposit, etc into consideration too. 

The furnishings inside your home can either make or break a deal to a certain extent. When a buyer enters a house, he/she should be able to visualize it as their future home. And placing the right kind of furniture can go a long way to ensure they do. In such cases, people are willing to shell out a larger sum of money than they initially wanted to, and thus, your investment in the rental furniture will be worth it.

Home staging has to be performed quite smartly, paying attention to the smallest details that will appeal to the buyer. Staging furniture, and may I add, staging relevant and appropriate furniture will help you. 

Why should you stage your home?

Three simple reasons why a staged home sells more on the market:

  • It is visually more interesting & appealing to the buyer.
Inhabitr Staged home
  • It aids the buyer in visualizing how they would decorate the house with their own furniture.
  • Staging helps in capturing better photos, and thus, better listing on online websites.
Inhabitr Staging

The essential furniture pieces for staging

There are only a few core areas inside the home that you have to focus on. These are:

  • Living Room – sofa, end table, lamp, and a rug
Inhabitr Living Room
  • Kitchen – bar stools, basic elegant kitchenware
Inhabitr Kitchen
  • Dining Room – dining table & chairs
Inhabitr Joyce Dining Set
  • Master Bedroom – a full, queen or king-sized bed (depending on the size of the room)
  • Master Bathroom – nothing required
Inhabitr Bathroom

Here, the kind of furniture you rent is also important as the focus of the buyer should be on the space rather than the furniture. You can play with different shades of color if you feel the space needs a pop of color, or you can go for neutral shades like gray, etc. 

As a stager, it is important to understand what your buyer is looking for. Accordingly, you can decide how to stage your house. At Inhabitr, we provide rental furniture at nominal rates, and you can choose from an array of exquisite furniture sets & products. Check out our designer-curated furniture sets! Or check out Inhabitr’s staging website, for excellent staging furniture solutions.

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