The Best Guide to Furnishing a Vacation Rental

Home Staging - 05/11/2021

Not a single one of us needs a reason to go on vacation. They are relaxing, fun and ever so needed. And this is exactly why it’s a wonderful idea to turn your home into a vacation rental. 

Instead of staying in a cramped hotel room, vacationers prefer to book a vacation rental as there’s a certain homely feeling to it. They are at much more liberty to do what they want to do, and with a higher degree of comfort & leisure. 

But before you plan on transforming a vacant space into a vacation rental, you should have the basics down of how to furnish a vacation rental. Since the vacation rental business, especially short term rental, is creating plenty of online buzz, you need to ensure that your listing stands out. In this article, we will be giving you a basic guide to furnishing a vacation rental home that will make your place stand out from the others!

Choosing short term rental furniture 101

We will be looking at the basics and trust us, it will be super helpful to you.

  • Prepare a check-list 

To begin with, you can prepare a check-list of all the furniture items that you will need. In case you already have certain pieces of furniture that can be used in your vacation rental, you need not rent them again. You must remember that you have all the basic furniture pieces that are needed to fulfil your guests’ needs. 

The best thing about renting furniture is that you can switch the style of your space whenever you want. Read more about why it’s the better option in our blog “Why Should You Rent Furniture? ”

  • Understand your target customers
Inhabitr_Target Customers

Knowing the kind of customers you will be catering to is very important as it will be easier for you to select suitable pieces of furniture for your rental home. To furnish apartments or stand-alone houses as your vacation rental is much easier when you know the target crowd you want to appeal to. If you are planning to make your space more family-oriented, rent furniture pieces that are kid-friendly.

  • Choose an appealing theme
Inhabitr_Interior Theme

The look of your rental should resonate well with your customers, and to a large extent, it depends on the locale your property is located in. For example, if your rental home is situated near the sea, you can have light hues of blue and green in the house. Such a central theme will highlight the essence of not only your space but also the surroundings.

Look up various websites online to find some creative inspiration, and then you can start forming an idea of a theme in your mind.

  • Put money into durable furniture
Inhabitr_Durable Furniture

Since your rental home will find itself occupied by many people, it’s always advisable to invest in furniture that is durable and sustainable. Rent furniture pieces that are difficult to get a stain or scratch on. These will last for a longer duration and will save you money as well as unnecessary hassle of constantly swapping the items for new ones. 

If you don’t know where to start, check out Inhabitr’s range of affordable furniture. You will indeed be spoilt for choices.

  • Light up your space
Inhabitr_Light up your space

We cannot emphasize enough on how important lighting is inside your rental home. Depending on the theme you have chosen, you can go for either a well-lit space or a mellow & subtle one. Create a fun and bright vibe with hanging lights, floor lamps, etc, and accentuate it with similar decor pieces. Your space will instantly appeal to your guests, trust us!

  • Keep it minimalistic
Inhabitr_Minimalistic furniture

When we say furnish your space well, we don’t mean cramp it with an excess number of furniture items. People like space to breathe in, and that’s what you should aim to give them. Keep only what’s necessary, and do not place items that will make the rooms too crowded. 

Small decor pieces are great, but do not overdo that aspect either. Minimalism is always appreciated.

So, there you go. Furnishing a vacation rental is as easy as this. Keeping these simple points in mind and you will be good to go! Coming to the topic of renting cheap furniture, you can easily rent furniture online nowadays, and with so many furniture rental companies out there you’ll want to go with 2021’s best furniture rental company, Inhabitr.

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