Why You Should Rent Staging Furniture

Home Staging - 08/26/2021

Staging an apartment is an exciting task, but all the excitement exhausts when you have to run errands to find the furniture that fits your style, budget and quality expectations. 

Many times, you might regret your decision because the furniture might not suit the paint in your room or the quality deteriorates quickly! Such a problem will never arise if you start choosing furniture rental for staging your home instead of buying. 

Just like taking a test drive on a car that you wish to buy, you can have a trial period with the furniture, use it to style your apartment and if it does not suit your preference, try another!

Benefits of renting furniture for staging: 

  1. Cost effective deal 

The biggest benefit of renting over buying is the cost effectiveness. You pay for the furniture as long as it holds utility for you and when you’re done, simply return it! Plus, you can always keep some timeless home furniture items with you and rent the rest.

Thus, renting furniture for staging gives you a better return on investment. The option of renting is beneficial when you are staging an apartment for a couple of months or even for a weekend party!

  1. You get to experiment with multiple décor styles 

Buying furniture restricts you to having a single style for your apartment until you decide to replace it. Your ideas become limited and you can make only a few changes here and there under the name of ‘staging’.

Renting furniture for staging gives you the freedom of switching styles as per your preference. You get a variety of options from the company catalogue where you can choose and short-list your top choices. It’s the designing and planning you love about staging, so don’t tie yourself down to only what’s available.

  1. Keep up with the latest trends

Furniture rentals offer you pieces of furniture that blend in with the current styles. You have an array of options to choose from. The best part is, you can try all out, select the style that suits you best and make use of the rent-to-own scheme!

Sometimes you just decide to have a gala time with your friends and family and renting some fancy furniture for the same is indeed a good idea! Make abundant space and host the best houseparty. 

  1. Gives you an edge in the property resale market

Today’s generation is looking for homes and modern interiors are what the potential buyers want. Staging your home with the same old cheap furniture will not give you the response that you expect.

On the other hand, if you buy new furniture, it will be subjected to depreciation. So if you’re in the home staging business for the long haul, rent.

Understand what the current trends are. A furniture rental’s catalogue can give you a basic idea of what is the basic requirement for an apartment that is being staged for sale and thereby make your property look better than other home stagers.

  1. Sustainable option 

The furniture you buy is ultimately thrown away in a landfill. It may or may not be disposed of properly. The piece that used to furnish your house will become waste on the face of earth if the wood and other materials are not used to their fullest. 

You can preserve the beauty of nature whilst staging your home if you choose for the sustainable option of renting furniture. After you return your rented furniture, it undergoes the necessary refurbishing which prolongs its life and adds to the beauty of another apartment. 

  1. Easy to sort out the process

Staging can be a messy process due to the numerous moving parts. One has to look after the design, coordinate with multiple vendors for different pieces and make sure that everything is delivered on time without any piece misplacing.

The easiest way to do it, would be to get all the furniture from one place. Everything would be shipped together and you could easily abide by the ETA. What if the affordable furniture rental could also give you some tips and ideas for staging?

That’s exactly what we do at Inhabitr. We offer you a quick revamp of specific rooms or the entire property whatever you wish for. We give you the freedom to choose the set yourself or with the help of a professional designer. 

Then, simply let our team come with the furniture and set up your property, ready for the open-house, a weekend or for you to live in your dream house! Bring your Pinterest interior design boards to life! Checkout our staging website for more details. 

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