How Furniture Rental Saves the Environment

Lifestyle - 07/21/2021

With comfort being the essence of living, the need for convenient interior design and furniture has increased over the years. Furniture sales recorded over the last financial quarter was about $120 billion.  

On average, people now move 3-4 times between the age of 22 and 29 which leads to a hefty demand for furniture. This ‘on the move’ lifestyle leads to people buying furniture when moving in and often desperately looking to sell when moving out.. 

This constant demand to buy furniture means that old furniture gets dumped in the trash. Every year about 9 million tons of furniture is thrown away in the landfills, containing glass and other fibers which if not disposed of properly, can seriously harm the environment. 

So, how can we try out new styles for our home while still caring for the environment? Look no further than furniture rental! 

How does it help the environment? 

1)  Sustainability:

Furniture rental is modernizing the industry by taking advantage of the increasingly popular subscription model. Only pay for when you use the furniture and when you’re done, simply give it back to the company.

Instead of further polluting a landfill, the company repairs the furniture to optimal condition for the next customer. This not only helps the environment but gives you an economic way of designing your living space. 


2) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 

The 3Rs of waste management tell us to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, here’s how furniture rental helps with each step; 

Reduce the amount of furniture you own and potentially have to discard

Reuse refurbished furniture to maximize the lifespan of each furniture piece

Recycle by giving your furniture back and start the process all over again


3) Preserving Natural Resources: 

About $2 billion worth of furniture sits idly in inventory every year because traditional furniture companies have to constantly buy new furniture to replenish what they’ve sold, only for the customer to then sell that furniture themselves! 

Furniture rental companies bridge this gap and allow people to rent furniture for when they need it, and easily give it back when they don’t; making use of readily available furniture instead of buying more and more. 


4) Longer lasting furniture: 

Furniture lasts a lot longer than you may think. On average, a sofa is supposed to last for 7 to 15 years. Holding on to any piece of furniture for that long isn’t a very appealing option. You have to care for it, clean it, and come moving time, your once luxurious furniture piece can turn into a nuisance.

This is no longer a problem with furniture rental companies. The refurbishing process makes any furniture piece look brand new, and helps each piece last its whole lifespan. You get all the benefits of buying used furniture with the added benefit of having it look new too!


5) Protects the Ecosystem: 

Producing furniture isn’t easy. You need wood, coal, and other natural resources to go into a factory for production. All of that takes a toll on the environment.

By renting furniture you are taking part in the waste management cycle and saving your environment. In a time where a climate crisis is looming, your wallet is the best way to make your voice heard. 

You can stick with an outdated furniture model that produces more and more waste every year, or you can try out modern age furniture for both convenience and utility.


How to rent furniture?

 Renting furniture can seem daunting but with the right company it is actually a lot easier than it seems. With Inhabitr’s delivery services, you just have to visit our website, pick out the furniture you like, and for how long you want it.

From there, just select a time for delivery and you’re good to go! Then when your lease ends, schedule a time for pickup and our crew will take care of you. It’s never been easier to rent furniture online.

Visit our website to chat with one of our excellent customer service representatives to see how rental furniture can be right for you.

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