Guest Room Interior Design Tips For a Welcoming Home

Design Space - 12/16/2021

A guest bedroom can make your house feel more home-like for your visitors. Like any part of your home, you want your guest bedroom to be as presentable as possible. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re sleeping somewhere with no effort put into it. 

A guest bedroom is a great addition if you are someone who entertains guests regularly. You want your visitors to feel as relaxed as possible. And an extra bedroom can come in handy when your guests can’t go home right away due to uncalled circumstances.

To help make sure your space checks out all the essential guest room amenities, here are 7 tips from Inhabitr.

  1. Use the right lighting
Inhabitr_Use the right lighting

Good lighting is just as important in a guest bedroom as it is in a master bedroom. Bedrooms are all about creating an atmosphere, and good lighting plays a key role.  A simple pendant light, some recessed or flush mount lights to keep the room bright should suffice. 

Avoid harsh lighting or using colorful lights, as they might make your guests uncomfortable. If you are providing a cozy seat beside the bed, equip it with a reading lamp or drop light for added support.

  1. Keep a comfortable bed with lots of pillows and bed covers
Inhabitr_Keep a comfortable bed with lots of pillows and bed covers

Any guest bedroom essentials list is incomplete without a cozy bed – it’s a quintessential part of the setup. Plus points if that bed has a comfy headboard so your guests can sit up and relax in bed. Choosing the right bed is important. 

Remember to get a nice mattress while you’re at it. Pick a nice, soft, and comfy mattress that perfectly fits your bed frame. Again, it doesn’t have to be super fancy. Just make sure it is serviceable. 

Add an assortment of different pillows and pillowcases to help set up whatever arrangement is most comfortable for them. The same goes for bed covers. A heavy-down comforter will cater to anyone who likes it warm and offering a variety of quilts and blankets will help let your guest get the bed exactly the temperature they like.

You could check out Inhabitr’s range of beds, mattresses, pillows, and linens! We carefully curate high-quality furniture, and our items are available to rent, rent-to-own, and buy.

  1. Small Mirrors Make a Big Impact
Inhabitr_Small Mirrors Make a Big Impact

We all know about the effects mirrors have in a room: They make the bedroom larger. Despite this, mirrors can be costly. Luckily, smaller mirrors can create a similar effect. A simple mirror can do wonders to the interiors of the guest bedroom, both in aesthetic and function. The mirror decor is something quite useful and your guests will love it! Try it. You will see that it will be much appreciated and the room will be very inviting.

  1. Make a Statement
Inhabitr_Make a Statement

Looking to go that extra mile when setting up your guest room furniture and fixtures? Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Opt for a quirky decorating theme in a simple guest room. In this neutral space, artwork and cushions with a royal theme bring the space to life. 

You could rent wall art, lighting, and throw pillows from Inhabitr for a unique aesthetic that will ensure your guests have an unforgettable stay.

  1. Place Towels and Extra Toiletries
Inhabitr_Place Towels and Extra Toiletries

Have a few spare sample-size toiletries in a drawer? Gather them together in a pretty bowl or basket and add a new toothbrush so guests won’t stress if they forgot something. Bath towels might already be in the bathroom, but if it’s a shared bathroom, it’s a good gesture to set out towels separately in the room, to avoid confusion later.

  1. Keep a Dresser or a Closet
Inhabitr_Keep a Dresser or a Closet

Finally, your guests may want a place to put their clothes in. A nice, sturdy dresser will do the trick! A dresser can provide so much use for your guests. They can store their stuff away in an organized fashion. If you have a closet in your guest room, even better! 

Be sure to leave at least a few empty hangers for them to use for their clothes depending on how long their stay is. If you’re looking to temporarily rent a smart dresser that will upgrade the interiors of your guest room, you could check out Inhabitr’s dressers, chests, and nightstands.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Items
Inhabitr_Remove Unnecessary Items

If the guest room already has a closet, then you need to remove the bulky wardrobe. The space can be used instead as a seating area by the guest who needs no extra storage. Or you could add some elegant furniture to add to the decor of the room. Just consider trying something minimal that every guest you know would most likely like or find useful.

Say goodbye to people sleeping on your couch or staying in a hotel. With a guest bedroom so nice, your guests will feel like they have just stayed in a 5-star hotel!

You could also consider getting the different types of furniture used in guest rooms for rent. Renting furniture is a great idea if you’re looking for it temporarily, or if you might want to swap pieces later, or if you simply want to spend less at a go. Check out Inhabitr’s designer-curated bedroom furniture rental sets!

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