How to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room

Design Space - 12/09/2021

We all know the art of home decor is complex & tiring. How we organize furniture within a room can have an impact on our behavior and how we perceive our space. An awkward living room furniture layout can create one of the common odd spaces in houses. It comes in all shapes and sizes—from slanted walls to tiny spaces. 

As we know, the living room is the main hub of the house, a space for leisure time, but when it’s oddly shaped or has quirky features, it can feel impossible to make it work with managing your space and styling it.

If you do not know how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room efficiently, we recommend that you continue reading this list of tips. Much of the secret of awkward living room layout solutions depends on the shape of the furniture and how they adapt to the space.

  1. Use space effectively
Inhabitr_Use space effectively

The selection of furniture should be done wisely, with space usage in mind. If the area of the living room is small, choose furniture pieces that would fit in rather than going in with big pieces. Walking space in any living room is very important to avoid a clumsy feel.

  1. Place the sofa mindfully
Inhabitr_Place the sofa mindfully

When arranging furniture in an awkward living room, the sofa is of great importance. In fact, the sofa in general is an important furniture piece of any living room. If you have a sofa already, place it only where it makes sense. If you’re buying a new sofa, you’ll want to let the size and shape of the room determine the type of sofa you choose.

  1. Opt for multi-purpose furniture
Inhabitr_Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Managing space is quite important. Many awkwardly shaped rooms can prevent you from being able to fit all of the furniture you’d like. That’s where multi-purpose furniture comes in. 

When furnishing an awkwardly shaped living room, you’ll want to choose multi-purpose furniture like storage ottomans, benches, and coffee tables. Choosing such furniture will help you with storage as well as take care of the style. 

  1. Divide space into focal points
Inhabitr_Divide space into focal points

Deciding how to arrange furniture in a weird room so that everything flows perfectly is of course tiring. Instead of struggling with a bucket full of perplexing ideas, try thinking of your living room in pieces; perhaps you have a TV area, a reading corner, a small workspace, and so on. By dividing the space into sections with their own focal points, you can tackle them one at a time effectively.

  1. Designate zones to organize your space
Inhabitr_Designate zones to organize  your space

Along the same lines, one of the famous awkward living room layout ideas involves designating zones throughout your living room. This strategy works well for decorating long, narrow living rooms or other living rooms with awkward shapes. Consider how you use your living room and then try out different ways to split up your space into zones. 

Adding distant zones can be of great help. For example, have an area designed for watching television with the family, an area to just sit & enjoy food or drinks, etc. If you’re worried it will look disjointed, there are plenty of ways to use colors and furniture to create visually distinct but complementary spaces in your living room.

  1. Consider using an online planner
Inhabitr_Consider using an online planner

If nothing helps, consider using an online room planner tool. Inhabitr is a new age furniture rental company that ensures a hassle-free experience when it comes to renting furniture. 

Inhabitr offers a staging service where you can send in your apartment snaps and can get it virtually staged. See all the furniture you like staged in your space before you finally decide to rent it.

You could also check out our designer-curated living room sets! These are designed to go well together and be easy to arrange. If you rent furniture, you’d also have the option of swapping pieces when you want to switch up your style.

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