Client Showcase: How Inhabitr Transformed Former ABC News Anchor Adrienne Bankert’s Space

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/18/2022

Inhabitr prides itself on turning houses into homes. Working with the goal of making the furnishing process more flexible and hassle-free, we set up our customers’ spaces in a way that’s convenient, effective, and cost-friendly.

Recently, Inhabitr worked with Adrienne Bankert to furnish her apartment.

This was exciting: Adrienne Bankert is an award-winning journalist, author, and coach. She was the former host of Good Morning America as a news correspondent at ABC News. Currently, she’s the host of “Morning in America” at NewsNation Network. It was a pleasure to set up her space and help her out in her journey. 

The Process

Adrienne had moved to an apartment in Chicago for her new job, and since she’d been very focused on work, she didn’t have furniture for months. 

She looked into options of buying furniture, but with the current supply chain issues most furniture takes months to arrive. After finding out about the option of renting furniture through some friends, she got in touch with Inhabitr to set up her space. And voila, Inhabitr furnished her apartment in thirty minutes!

Having driven the design process, Inhabitr had worked with her to pick pieces of furniture that aligned with her design vision and style. With chic and comfortable pieces, we tried to help make her apartment look and feel more like home. From contemporary wooden console tables to soft and pretty throw pillows, our pieces tried to make her space match her style and personality.

“I needed something more temporary while I designed my dream home. I found Inhabitr & they made a whole design plan in 24 hours. They delivered within 48 hours and had everything set up in my house in 30 minutes!!  I can’t say enough great things!!”, says Adrienne Bankert.

She writes in her Facebook post,

“Inhabitr took my ideas and turned this around so quickly! I loved what they came up with, and it’s all rental furniture but it looks so new & nice!”

Why Choose Inhabitr

Inhabitr provides its customers with high-quality designer rental furniture. If you’re living in a temporary space and don’t really want to worry about furniture for your next move, or if you just don’t want to spend too much at one go on furniture, we’ve got you covered.

Our furniture rental services come with the added bonus of white-glove delivery, assembly, and setup, so all that you need to do is pick pieces you like. Want help designing your space? Our in-house designers are available to help with that as well. The goal is to make furniture as hassle-free as possible!

Inhabitr also lets you purchase new and used furniture, and we also have rent-to-own options available. Check out our charming designer-curated furniture sets for yourself, and make your living space look and feel the way you want.

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