How To Make Your Home Look More Modern: Tips From Inhabitr

Design Space - 03/16/2022

The combination of modern and stylish looks often feels like a dream come true in your home.  Interior designers are constantly creating beautiful homes of contemporary style. Inspired by this, we’ve put together this guide on how to modernize your home exterior and interior. 

It turns out that modern homes are the easiest to decorate, even if they’re small. If you’re looking for interior design on a budget, modern home décor and furnishing is your answer.

Not only this, there are plenty of options for creating that modern house vibe in literally any home.  Listed below are some tips & tricks to make your home look modern.

  1. Use of earthy tones:
Inhabitr_Use of Earthy Tones

Earthy neutral tones are not only soothing and contemporary but also magically add space and make the room look bigger and brighter. Adding earthy palettes to your home means inviting a more modern, chic look for that wow effect. 

  1. Paint it!
Inhabitr_Paint It!

Painting walls gives an instant lift to your home. Imagine having worn-out walls, not a good view, right? By painting, you’re not only covering flaws, but you’re also putting on a fresh and smooth stroke. You can choose to re-paint your home with lighter, earthy tones to balance out the look and make the space look modern and appealing.

  1. Declutter

The most important aspect of any modern home is the absence of unwanted items. Begin with decluttering your space, scoop out the excess, and voila! 

To clean the space is not only good for you but is also proven as an essential step to a modern home. Modern stands for minimalistic, by reducing and removing non-essentials you can smoothly transition into a modern decor approach. 

  1. Revamp your kitchen
Inhabitr_Revamp Your Kitchen

When talking about modern home decor, the kitchen is an essential area to work on. Over the years, designers have come up with multiple ways of ensuring the kitchen is full of utility without eating up your space. 

A modern kitchen is one that has lighter designs with modern technologies and metal appliances. Brushed metal appliances and industrial tones work well to create a contemporary look. 

  1. Open plan
Inhabitr_Open Plan

Open plan is becoming more & more in use because of its approach to make the house look bigger & brighter without adding any extensions. When done well, an open plan redesign can enhance your lifestyle as well as the building itself. 

  1. Opt for hardwood flooring over carpet
Inhabitr_Opt For hardwood flooring

Wall-to-wall carpets definitely make the house look warmer but hardwood flooring can look modern and can be available at affordable prices. Hardwood lasts for a longer period of time & looks classic & chic. Hardwood lasts a long time, and provides a nice return on investment, especially if you ever resell your home.

  1. Get the right furniture
Inhabitr_Get the right furniture

If you’re setting up a new space and you haven’t acquired your furniture yet, pick pieces with a modern aesthetic in mind. You’re looking for sleek lines and solid designs in your pieces so that your furniture contributes to the look you’re reaching for.

Check out Inhabitr’s living room packages and bedroom furniture rental sets! These have been curated by our in-house designers to go well together. Our modern furniture is high quality and reliable.

Hope these tips help you figure out how to make a room look more modern! If you’re trying to give your space the perfect chic look, you can also check out our blogs on minimalist interior design tips and tips on mixing furniture styles well.

If you like experimenting with different furniture styles, you can also consider renting furniture. You wouldn’t have to commit to too much at once, and you could always decide to rent-to-own furniture if you like the look.

Inhabitr is a brand that is flexible, affordable & provides an endless range of modern furniture pieces available on lease. With its white glove delivery & assembly, Inhabitr will be an easy & flexible option for you and all your furniture needs.

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