How to Mix and Match Furniture Styles Like a Pro

Design Space - 01/20/2022

No matter how big or small the space in your home is, styling it with appropriate furniture can be a tedious and tricky task. The way your home appears leaves an impact on you as well as others around you. 

With so many themes & styles to choose from, the number of options can be scary & overwhelming with scope for perplexity. Add personal preferences into the mix, and you’ll realize how figuring out how to mix and match sofas and chairs among other furniture pieces can be a seriously tiring task. 

But, thankfully, the good news is that the concept of mixing and matching furniture is becoming a style of its own. You amalgamate various pieces of different styles and time periods, and you’ll be able to create an overall look that’s refreshingly unique. Let us help you decode the art to mix and match furniture styles well.

  1. Always have a plan
Inhabitr_Have a plan

The task of mix & match can be confusing, annoying & tiring. To avoid this hassle, start with drawing some inspiration for your space. Refer to interior design books, magazines, go through some blogs, google, etc. The importance of planning is that you will be sorted without getting swayed by all the furniture pieces.

You could also check out Inhabitr’s designer-curated rental furniture sets for inspiration! Looking at options could help you figure out what you really like.

Once you shortlist what suits you, the task is halfway through.  It’s important to have an understanding of the main types of furniture styles. Once you have an understanding of each style, you’ll be better equipped to combine them together.

  1. Play with colors
Inhabitr_Play with colors

Some people fear overdoing color, but taking a risk can at times prove to be a bliss. Imagine pasting a deep color sofa along with neutral color accent chairs & some simple patterned rugs and decor pieces, it would look wonderful! To mix & match furniture in a living room seems to be a daunting task, but really isn’t. Just dare to take a risk & voila!

  1. Make use of texture
Inhabitr_Make use of texture

Colors & accents are all things to consider when decorating a room for sure. However, an important element often overlooked is texture. Mixing different textures can help in creating the overall theme of the space, and more importantly, adds a tactile element to your decor. A mixture of different textures, colors, etc can make any place look aesthetically pleasing. 

Often figuring out how to mix and match leather furniture is a challenge, but mixing leather and fabric textures across your layout is a perfect way to inject warmth and character into your living room. 

With plenty of versatile options, you can choose between coordinated or contrasting colours and textures to create a look that suits your taste and lifestyle.

  1. Decor helps!
Inhabitr_Decor Helps!

The smallest details complete a particular look in a room, that’s when decor comes into play.  Home decor is often the one thing that can suddenly transform a room by creating a satisfying visual appeal. 

Consider using items like vases, lamps, artworks & frames to add some personality and subtlety within each area of your home. Placement is key here. Rugs, pillows, curtains, accents and shades are also great additions to put some finishing touches in a room. 

Keep experimenting with different styles and schemes, and you’ll eventually discover something that satisfies you and reflects your personal style. After all, a mix-and-match scheme is your chance to express your individual taste. 

  1. Make Sure Your Furniture Is Balanced
Inhabitr_Make sure your furniture is balanced

Balance is huge when it comes to mixing furniture styles. If most of your pieces are of a contemporary style, you could use a piece that’s of traditional furniture. By doing this it looks not only cohesive but blends beautifully too. Avoid dividing up a room so that it looks as if one side is one style and the other side is another style.

If you’re experimenting with your style, you could consider renting furniture, too. This way, you set up your home space without making a huge commitment – you retain the option to swap pieces to fit your style, or get a new look when your lease ends!

Inhabitr Furniture Rental is a great choice for furniture, whether you want to rent, buy, or rent-to-own. We have designer-curated matching furniture on subscription sets that look beautiful. We also have a wide range of individual furniture and decor pieces, so that you can get the right look! This, combined with our hassle-free delivery, assembly, and pickup, makes us a great choice.

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