Is Rent To Own Furniture A Good Idea?

Furniture Options - 10/04/2021

Compared to renting, rent to own has the obvious benefit in the end result: you actually own the piece of furniture you’re renting. Instead of making payments indefinitely, you’ll have something that belongs to you at the end of the contract. In general, renting to own is the best option when you want to experience the advantages that come with it, such as cost-effectiveness, freedom to furnish your home the way you want, complete flexibility, excellent quality, and hassle-free furniture. These mentioned benefits make it easier for the customers to get their hands on the desired furniture in just a click.

How does rent to own furniture work?

Rent to own furniture (or lease to own furniture) basically means renting a piece of furniture until you cover the retail price, which will mean that the item becomes fully yours. Think of it as a trial period of sorts. 

The idea is simple: if you’re not sure whether a piece of furniture will suit your aesthetic or will fit into your home, you can try renting it first, and if you love it, continue to pay in installments until you pay for the product.

If you feel like you want to switch it out for another, then it’s just a simple process of visiting the furniture store’s website, choosing a new item for you to try next, and having the new product delivered while having the previous one picked up. It can be very stress-free.

Is rent to own furniture worth it?

inhabitr_How does rent-to-own furniture work?

This one defining question is important for all the right reasons. 

There’s money at stake. You might not be sold on the idea of renting but you also know that buying good furniture means spending big bucks. Yet there’s more to it, isn’t there?

You want to make the smart choice. While you wish furniture didn’t cost so much, you also don’t want to be living with cheap, dull, small-budget, low-quality stuff.

If you’re trying to figure out whether rent to own furniture is a good idea, your struggle is real. So, to make your life easier, here are a few benefits of renting to own furniture:

  1. It is cost-effective

First things first, the best thing about rent to own furniture is that you don’t have to spend a lump-sum amount on buying furniture.

Inhabitr, for example, has been around forever and is one of the better-known rent-to-own retailers. In addition to the standard selection, Inhabitr also carries stylish furniture as well as home decor pieces like rugs that start from $68 to buy and are available to rent from $5 per month. Some pieces are available for rent for as low as $4 a month!

Depending on the duration of your rental plan, it’s more likely for someone to return leased furniture before ever paying full cost for it.

2. You’ll have more freedom to furnish the way you want

inhabitr_Freedom to furnish the way you want

When on a budget, we tend to limit ourselves to whatever furniture we can afford. It certainly makes sense, but you don’t have to do that when you rent furniture. 

Because by splitting a massive cost into commitment-free monthly installments, you’re open to all kinds of possibilities. That gorgeous sectional you saw through the window with the glass top centre table becomes suddenly affordable. 

Inhabitr has stunning furniture pieces, for which you have to pay only small amounts in a month!

Another benefit of affordable rent to own furniture is the fact that you can constantly change up your interiors whenever you feel like it. With just a minimum commitment, you can swap out your living room essentials for a different style when you feel like it. Because when you rent luxury furniture online, you can feel free to choose whatever kind you like, even on a low budget!

3. Total flexibility

Inhabitr_Total flexibility

When you rent furniture for your home, you always have the option of changing your style later. Turn your bachelor pad into a family home after a year or two, or transform a cozy winter getaway to a summer-ready one next month. 

Plus your own personal style may change as well. That gorgeous ornate table you rented 6 months ago no longer goes with your new eclectic taste. Rent to own furniture stores like Inhabitr will let you swap it easily. 

Flexibility plays a big role when you’re moving in with a roommate too. In case one of you moves out, you don’t have to fight over the product. Simply edit your rental plan. 

And if you’re the one who moves out, you may want different sorts of furniture for your new home. Again, just edit your plan, or ask the rental company to move your furniture for you. As already, you can swap the furniture whenever you want to. You have no burden of selling the furniture and finding a buyer who can pay an appropriate amount.

4. The quality is often excellent

inhabitr_The quality is excellent

Choosing rent to own furniture online can let you own much better quality furniture within your budget. At Inhabitr, for instance, the furniture we offer for rent is not old, unwanted, or cheap. 

In fact, all the options you see on our website are sourced directly from high-quality, trustworthy brands. We’ve just split their cost into affordable monthly installments that you can pay for as long as you want, swap whenever, and return later. 

So, if you had to choose between getting furniture from the curb by the dorms at the end of a college term and flea markets, or from high-end brands whose pages, Pinterests, and lookbooks you’ve probably drooled over by now, why would you ever want to settle, when you can totally afford the latter by renting?

5. It is more hassle-free


Most furniture rental companies like Inhabitr provide excellent services like maintenance and damage protection of furniture, polishing of furniture if needed, free home delivery, set-up and assembly, and so on. It’s super convenient!

Inhabitr is a user-friendly service that strives to make sure you get the best affordable furniture deals according to your needs and wants. It was even named the best furniture rental company of 2021! We offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to renting furniture, from your bedroom to your living room and your dining room.

To make your home the way you want it to be for a few months or even a decade, you might definitely find what you’re looking for right here!

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