Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Hotel’s Interior Design Up to Date 

Design Space - 05/09/2023

From attracting guests with enticing pictures to creating a lasting impression over the course of their stay, the interior design of your hotel matters. With how quickly design trends evolve and the reality of wear-and-tear, updating your hotel’s furniture and design can be a daunting and costly undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be!

If your hotel’s interior design is in need of just a refresh, as opposed to an overhaul, there are several relatively simple and inexpensive ways to give it new life. Check out our tips on how to give your hotel a refresh that will be low-impact on your team, your guests, and your budget! 

  1. A Little Color Goes a Long Way: Bring light and energy to your lobby with a fresh coat of paint
Inhabitr_A little color goes  long way

First impressions stay with you and since the lobby is often the first thing your guests see, adding a fresh coat of paint to your lobby can bring a renewed sense of energy to the arrival experience. 

Light, neutral colors can give a sense of calm and welcome, and make the space feel more open and inviting. While darker colors can deepen the mood and allure. Pick a color that aligns with your brand story and the intended experience you want your guest to have as they arrive. 

  1. Make a Statement: Being selective with furniture replacements can help your lobby stand out. 
Inhabitr_Make a statement

Is there a central area in the lobby that guests always gravitate towards? Is there a place where they often wait for a drink or their Uber? Is there a key art feature or Instagram moment? Identify a key area in your lobby and pick a statement piece of furniture that will make an impact. 

Aligning the piece with your brand story will help tie all the design elements together. Are you welcoming and respite focused? Consider an oversized couch or cluster of lounge chairs. Are you more energetic and creative? Pick a piece that makes guests do a double-take or take a picture. 

Investing in just one or two key pieces in the lobby can help to drive the guest experience and curate purposeful energy in the space. 

  1. Design the Details: Update your guest rooms with small pieces
Inhabitr_Design the details

Is it time to give your guest rooms a fresh and modern look? Updating bedding, drapery, and artwork can be the ideal way to lighten up your hotel’s interior design. By selecting more contemporary and artful pieces, you can keep up with the ever-evolving trends while also providing guests with a stylish retreat.

Keep an eye out for textured fabrics and bold colors that will brighten up any room! Furniture for hotel rooms can be costly, and changing up the soft goods in your space will make a big difference. With the right upgrades to your guest rooms, you’ll create a space that guests will admire during their stay with you.

If you’re interested in making more impactful changes, you could bring in new small hospitality furniture items that’d change the look of your rooms, like accent chairs and headboards.

  1. Set the Mood: Use energy-efficient lighting to save budget and create an ambiance 
Inhabitr_Set the mood

Installing energy-efficient lighting in your hotel is an important step towards improving its interior design and creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for guests. In addition to providing the desired ambiance within a room, energy-efficient lightbulbs can help with overall operational costs by reducing power usage. 

With a wide variety of modern designs available, you can easily replace your outdated lighting fixtures with more stylish and efficient fixtures without breaking the bank. Changing the lighting of your space is a great way to switch up your ambiance.

For hotel owners looking to give their interior design a light refresh, these simple steps can help get you started. Don’t be afraid to be bold; a little artistry can go a long way! Professional interior designers or home remodeling services can also provide excellent advice on creating an inviting atmosphere that your guests are sure to enjoy. 

How Inhabitr Can Help With Your Hotel Furniture

Inhabitr_How Inhabitr can help with hotel furniture

Inhabitr is a furniture company that specializes in providing furniture solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, including hotels. With our expertise in hotel furniture procurement, Inhabitr can help you bring your interior ideas to life while also ensuring that the furniture is functional and comfortable for your guests. 

We offer the best hotel furniture pieces and décor elements that fit your style and budget. Inhabitr takes care of furniture procurement and installation, making the process quick and convenient for hotel owners and managers. 

Our quick turn-over and dedicated team can help streamline your furnishing process, saving you time and effort, while also ensuring that your hotel’s design is up-to-date and visually appealing to your guests.

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