Why it’s the Ideal Time to Renovate your Hotel, And How Inhabitr Can Help 

Furniture Options - 01/05/2023

As expected, hotel occupancy and revenue are still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19. U.S. hotel leisure travel revenue is in 2022 projected to end 14% above 2019 levels, but business travel revenue is expected to come within only 1% of 2019 levels, according to a new analysis released by AHLA and Kalibri Labs. These revenue projections also vary based on market and are not adjusted for inflation, but align with the overall slow recovery of the hotel industry. 

The good news is that the percentages are climbing. As travel resumes, people are venturing out for their long overdue vacations and businesses are eager to gather their teams in person once again. 

The hotel industry is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this slow, yet increasing growth by using this time to take a look at their brand and culture, operational strategies, and undergo renovations. This will put them in the best position to capture travelers as they reemerge and are considering where to stay on their upcoming trips. 

Though a larger upfront expense, the lasting impacts of renovations are invaluable to the overall guest experience. 

  1. Renovations Make Your Hotel More Customer Friendly
Inhabitr_Renovations make your hotel more customer friendly

The first step in any hotel renovation is to update furniture and create an inviting atmosphere that aligns with the vision and intended experience at the hotel. Quality, brand-aligned furniture can make or break the guest experience and helps not only attract customers but positively impact guest reviews and repeat visits. Investing in durable, stylish furniture from suppliers like Inhabitr can be one of the most important steps in creating a great experience for your guests. 

  1. Renovations Help You Improve Health and Safety Standards
Inhabitr_Renovations help you improve safety standards

Renovations can also help ensure health and safety protocols are being followed. By installing touchless technology, such as automatic doors, you can reduce contact between staff members and guests. Additionally, replacing carpets with hard surfaces makes it easier to clean and sanitize common areas more frequently.

  1. Renovations Can Create Efficiencies and Improvements in your Customer Service 
Inhabitr_Renovations can improve your customer service

Hotel renovations are also essential for improving customer service standards. By making sure staff members have access to upgraded tools, such as digital check-in systems and text-based messaging, efficient customer service delivery becomes much easier. This helps reduce wait times for guests while still providing them with an excellent level of service.

  1. Renovations Can Help Set You Apart From Your Competition
Inhabitr_Renovations can help you stand out from competition

Using a renovation to take a more bold or brand-aligned stance on design can help to tell your story and ultimately differentiate you from your competitors. From new furniture to art on the walls, the entire interior design can tell your brand story and bring to life a unique and engaging experience for your guests. 

  1. Renovations Can Have Lasting Financial Benefits 
Inhabitr_Renovations can have  lasting financial benefits

In addition to providing a great experience for customers during this time of uncertainty, hotel renovations are also beneficial economically speaking. A renovated hotel typically has a higher occupancy rate than one that hasn’t been updated in years; this means increased revenue for the owners over time. 

All in all, investing in renovations now as the industry begins to slowly reemerge from COVID-19 is essential if you want your hotel to stand out among its competitors while providing customers with an unforgettable stay. It may seem like a daunting task at first but there’s no doubt that it will be worth it when you see customers come back again and again due to their positive experiences at your newly renovated hotel!

Here at Inhabitr, we understand how important it is for hotels to give their guests a comfortable and safe environment, which is why our hotel furniture service is designed with both of these qualities in mind. Our selection offers everything from beds to chairs, to sofas that are both modern and inviting.

Inhabitr takes the hassle out of hotel renovation. With our range of stylish hotel furniture for sale and rent, you’ll be able to quickly find the perfect pieces to create an inviting environment that customers will love.

So if you’re looking to give your hotel a facelift, Inhabitr is here to help. With our wide selection of furniture and commitment to quality, we can make sure that your hotel renovation will be a success!

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