Give Your Grey Couch a Makeover: Grey-t Sofa Styling Tips

Design Space - 11/26/2021

If there is one color the world simply cannot seem to get enough of, then it is undoubtedly grey! The last decade has seen grey not only lead the pack of neutral colors, but it also has surged so far ahead of the rest, that the trend is now an era-defining feature. 

For those who wondered if bringing grey into their homes would be a folly, this will come as a great relief. How do you style a grey sofa? Think of a grey sofa as a blank canvas with an infinite number of decor combinations: it makes a great style statement if you accessorize well.

A grey couch, whether light or grey or charcoal or brownish in tone, is likely to be an elegant and modern piece that can be styled super well. Those who have still not experimented with the many shades of grey, it’s time you started dipping your feet a little deeper into this grey pond with Inhabitr’s help! 

Stay in style using these grey sofa decorating ideas, and take your living room from drab to fab.

  1. Add throw pillows
Inhabitr_Add Throw Pillows

Comfortable and stylish, throw pillows are your best bet for that modish look. They instantly add charm and character to your room. You could check out the various sizes and shapes of throw pillows available at Inhabitr! Experiment with an array of textures and hues for the desired result.

  1. Use a sofa runner
Inhabitr_Get a sofa runner

You can add a pop of color to your sofa by using a sofa runner. The vibrant prints available can make a lot of difference to a sober-toned couch. You can also opt for a simple runner in a similar or complementary palette. Wrap the runner along one side vertically, or use it on the upholstery for a change.

  1. Get a nice area rug
Inhabitr_Use a nice area rug

Area rugs are a great way to add some needed texture or pattern to your space. Styling doesn’t involve just decorating the sofa but also its surroundings to highlight the sofa. A mismatched rug can ruin the aesthetic feel. Choose a rug that complements the couch and is not overbearing.

  1. Choose the right coffee table
Inhabitr_Choose the right coffee table

With any interior design scheme, it’s important to consider the shape and contour of your furniture pieces. So if you have a square sofa, consider a coffee table with a bit of curve. For a clean look, a white, clear, or marbled table is a great choice. For a more earthy vibe, a wooden coffee table can be a great and versatile option. 

Check out coffee tables at Inhabitr! Looking at the options available might help you find the perfect fit.

Once you choose the ideal coffee table, top it off with stylish centerpieces like fruit bowls, flowers, decorative candles, or a hardcover book!

  1. Play with the right colors
Inhabitr_Play with the right colors

A grey sofa is a neutral piece of furniture that goes with a huge variety of colors. You could use it to give your room a specific feel: for example, you could match the grey with oranges and browns for a cozy look, or you could have a golden-blue decor palette in place for an elegant, understated yet royal look.

You could also use bright, vibrant colors in your accent pieces to complement the neutral shade of your grey sofa. Think bright reds or bold blues or greens. The bright colors would add personality to your decor while being grounded well by the grey couch.

  1. Add greens
Inhabitr_Add greens

Employing greenery adds life to any space and the living room is no exception to that. Green soothes the eye and sends out an appealing invite to all your guests. Not just pretty, plants can also make things feel light and natural at home. You could also get artificial plants if you don’t want to put effort into maintaining them!

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Styling is no rocket science, you just need to figure out what works best for your home. Renting furniture might be a good idea if you’re experimenting, budget-conscious, or just appreciative of convenient furniture. 

We have a great variety here at Inhabitr Furniture Rental. You could check out our Living Room Furniture Rental Sets, for example, for convenient, designer-curated furniture on rent. Enjoy setting up your space!

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