Are Coffee Tables Out of Style? We Say They’re Brew-tiful

Design Space - 10/09/2021

Coffee tables are standard living room furniture pieces. When anyone thinks of a living room, they probably conjure up an image of a sofa, a coffee table, and some combination of curtains, an accent chair, a side table or two, a TV set, and a lamp together in a room.

You might want to break away from this image, though, and you might be wondering whether you can do away with the coffee table. (You definitely could, your home decor choices depend on what works well for you.)

We at Inhabitr Furniture Rental love coffee tables though, and we don’t mind giving our two cents of informed advice. Here are some key benefits of coffee tables!

  1. They’re super convenient for keeping things
inhabitr_They’re super convenient for keeping things

They genuinely put the “table” in “comfortable”. You can keep whatever your heart desires on their top, be it a pretty vase, house keys, trinkets, a mug full of your favorite beverage, the TV remote you need close by, or the bowl of popcorn you want to gobble up while lying on the sofa. 

You could rest your feet on the table too, and lounge comfortably after a long day. They’re often the perfect height for that.

You could go the extra mile and get a coffee table with storage space underneath it, too. Especially if you’re the kind of person who hates putting newspaper stacks or delivery parcels into cabinets until they absolutely have to, or if you really enjoy having your belongings close by where you sit, this can be a great plus point.

  1. They’re a blessing when guests come over
inhabitr_They’re a blessing when guests come over

Imagine you have your friends over, and you’re all set to be a great host and orchestrate a good time. You bring out your trays of snacks and drinks, and voila! The coffee table is there in place to put down all the good food while everyone chills around it.

Coffee tables are great for this purpose because they’re of a very non-obstructive height. They’re also easier to clean food stains off of, as opposed to floors or fabric furniture.

  1. They often ground the aesthetic of your living room
inhabitr_They often ground

Being the centerpiece of the set-up, coffee tables often tie your home decor look up and hold it together. Especially in large spaces, furniture sets without coffee tables can look like something is missing.

They can also add more definition: Round coffee tables, for instance, can really bring a room together if the seating area is large.

Generally, coffee tables fill awkward gaps between sofas and chairs. They’re also often the middle-piece between the sofa and the TV set, and they fill the empty space between the two.

  1. They can be really pretty
inhabitr_They can be really pretty

Their visual appeal alone can be a pretty strong reason to include them in your living room furniture set. 

We at Inhabitr have some gorgeous coffee tables. Whether you’re going for a contemporary style or you want a rustic coffee table, whether you’re looking for modern industrial furniture or you just eclectically pick whatever you like, you’ll probably find a sleek elegant table to go with your needs.

  1. They’re not even necessarily that expensive
inhabitr_They’re not even necessarily that expensive

You could rent a great coffee table from Inhabitr, paying as little as 5-10$ a month! You could choose to rent, rent-to-own, or buy a coffee table from us. 

You could also rent a living room set from us: our designer-curated living room furniture sets include great pieces. Renting furniture can be a great choice, since it allows you to test out pieces and figure out what works best for you with pocket-friendly deals.

Does a living room need a coffee table?

inhabitr_Does a living room need a coffee table?

No, not necessarily. What you get depends on your personal requirements at the end of the day. 

For example, if you have a small apartment, then you could very well ditch the coffee table for extra open space. (Our blog on how to furnish a small apartment might be useful to you though!) Or if you have kids, then too you might avoid the coffee table so that they don’t keep running into corners.

You could also substitute the coffee table with multiple end tables, or with an ottoman or a bench – they’d have the same functionality. The world is your oyster. You have many living room table decor options. (Check out our guide on different types of tables here!)

This said, coffee tables are a decor staple for a reason, and you could get one just because they’re great. Check out our coffee tables here.

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