Dos and Don’ts of Furnishing a Small Apartment

Design Space - 08/11/2021

Each one dreams of having a lavish space but in this world of a serious space crunch it clearly is a dream. Small spaces are super compact & sometimes very difficult to decorate. 

The correct furniture sets, following smart home decor ideas can help you amp up your cosy space into something absolutely stunning. Here are some of the dos & don’ts of furnishing a small apartment.

The Dos:

  1. Opt for minimalistic living room & bedroom furniture
Inhabitr_Opt for minimalistic living room and bedroom furniture

The saying “less is more” is apt if you have a small apartment. It is always wise to have furniture pieces that not only occupy less space but also look flattering. Opting for multipurpose furniture is the trick. 

While opting for bedroom furniture, consider buying specific storage furniture having storage, such as built-in wardrobes, under-bed storage etc.

Also, while considering living room furniture options opt for furniture pieces that will not occupy much space. Inhabitr is a new age rental furniture platform which has an array of options for all kinds of furniture. 

If you really wish to experiment, consider renting furniture from Inhabitr to add spark to your apartment.

  1. Re-thinking Unused Spaces
Inhabitr_Re-thinking unused spaces

Using space effectively is a pivotal part when it comes to decorating a small apartment. Modern home decor consists of using space carefully, keeping furniture pieces that are actually useful & discarding the rest. Look around your apartment and identify all of the “dead spaces” that aren’t currently serving a useful purpose & try to use them. 

For example, purchase a corner shelving unit to give yourself a place to store your bar essentials, discard pieces of furniture or items that are not in use, be it a pack of candles or some things which you do not need anymore. 

  1. Light color palette for your apartment
Inhabitr_Light color palette for your apartment

The knowledge of colors will help you to decorate your space. While darker colors can make a space look smaller, light colors open things back up. When choosing your palette, choose main colors of the walls as light shades & add in one darker accent color to ensure things stay visually interesting.  

  1. Unclutter your apartment
Inhabitr_Unclutter your apartment

It is human nature to collect items over time. No matter how organized you are, you might end up accumulating clutter. In small apartments the clutter is much more apparent because there are fewer places for it to hide.

Make it a point to declutter your space every six months, and rearrange your space. If you like to experiment and use different furniture pieces as well as want to opt for cheap furniture, Inhabitr offers home furniture rental options which gives you the liberty to experiment without worrying about money or commitment. 

The Don’ts:

  1. Overcrowding your apartment
Inhabitr_Overcrowding your apartment

We tend to hoard items that please our eyes. Even furniture that won’t fit in our apartment. While talking about apartment furniture, the sooner you accept that you have a small space and start taking steps to make the most of it, the quicker you’ll be able to craft chic surroundings. 

When it comes to bedroom furniture, avoid adding furniture pieces such as an oversized bed, bedside table, etc, when there is no space for it. Consider furniture that is compact & multipurpose.

  1. Utilizing dark colors
Inhabitr_Utilizing darker colors

While dark colors look extremely appealing, it might not work very well for your apartment. Always opt for lighter color palettes while decorating your walls. Light shades help to make your space look bigger & brighter.

  1. Be boring
Inhabitr_Be boring

Many times, due to lack of space, people choose to play it safe when it comes to home decor. A lack of square footage doesn’t mean your home has to be bland. Incorporate large-scale patterns and bright-colored accents to bring interest to your pad. 

Look for quirky bedroom & living room furniture pieces & consider renting furniture if you like to amp up your space often.

  1. Forget about mirrors
Inhabitr_Forget about mirrors

Mirrors work as simple design tricks that you can use in any room. Mirrors reflect light & give the illusion of more space while looking sparkly. Use mirrors not only to make your small apartment look bigger but also to add spark to your space.

Setting your space up well can be tricky, but it can also be a super-rewarding task. You could also check out interior design roles here if you like home decor!

Inhabitr offers not just affordable bedroom, living room furniture, but also decor pieces such as mirrors, side tables, etc. Do check out the site for more details.

While purchasing furniture, variety & price are always considered as important components. Get started with our array of living room furniture sets for some small apartment living room ideas! Rental furniture is the new cool & comes with many perks as well. Whenever renting furniture, choose Inhabitr!

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