How to Choose the right Table for you?

Design Space - 04/19/2021

Moving into a brand new apartment for the first time can be overwhelming. You go online to find a new table to finish up your space but then all these different options start popping up: End Tables, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Outdoor Tables and maybe even more!

Don’t worry, we’ll explain what each of the aforementioned tables are, with tips for choosing the right one for each of them.

End Tables

End Tables are likely the least well-known of the different types of tables. As the name suggests, an End Table accompanies some other piece of furniture at the end. These are great decorative pieces that also hold practical usage as well. 

If you’ve ever tried watching TV and scrambled to remember where you left your remote or phone, an End Table is the perfect piece for you. You can conveniently keep your smaller items there for easy access at all times.

End Tables are usually on the smaller side which is something to consider when you’re starting the interior design process. Your end table won’t be a dominating aspect of your space but can really help bring out some of the already existing ideas. A nice wooden end table for example can accompany a wooden floor finish, same with a marble end table and floor. 

The possibilities for design with End Tables go as far as your imagination can take you, see our collection of designer End Tables for a great place to start!

Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables are similar to End Tables in that they run on the smaller side, but they can often be big enough to create their own aesthetic rather than amplify a pre-existing one. While End Tables are usually placed beside another furniture piece out of sight out of mind, Coffee Tables are the center of attention. 

Your Coffee Table should be an extension of the atmosphere you’re trying to create through your interior design. If you are someone who likes having important conversations in the comfort of your home, you should consider a glass table to give off a sense of class and elegance. 

If you are more of a welcoming type who often enjoys having friends and family coming over for a fun time, consider a rustic wooden table to ease people into your home. Lastly, if you are an artist who loves experimenting with design, try some more modern designs. 

See our collection of Coffee Tables for ideas on what you can do with your space!

Dining Tables

Your Dining Table should be the most important part of your living space’s aesthetic. Functionally, you might be able to get by without coffee tables, end tables and outdoor tables, but dining tables are an absolute must. 

Being the main attraction of the room, a dining table needs to have its own aesthetic, from which you can add complementary pieces and artwork. If you’re using a square/rectangular dining table, you’ll want to have a more classical aesthetic with square-shaped dining chairs and art to match. If you’re going with a circular table you might want to try a more modern approach with circular chairs and some contemporary art to really show off your style. 

Check out our collection of Dining Tables to see where you’d like to start and/or which aesthetics match your personal style.

Outdoor Tables

Perhaps the most underappreciated of all the different styles of Tables, the Outdoor Table holds a very special niche. Backyard design is completely different from interior design since you want to emphasize the balance of nature in your yard, rather than a curated atmosphere. That’s to say, the atmosphere of your backyard is set by your plants, flowers, etc., your outdoor table should aim to complement those as best as possible.

If you have a smaller yard, opt for a clean and simple outdoor table that won’t take up too much space and attention. Outdoor tables come in all shapes and sizes so you can try out multiple outdoor end tables as convenient hubs for people to stand and talk around.

With bigger yards, you obviously get more freedom in how you can employ the use of Outdoor Tables. If you often have guests over, you can put an Outdoor Dining Table amidst the nature and plants, accompanied by chairs to give you and your guests a nice place to sit and chat.

Given the rise in outdoor backyard parties, this might be the perfect time to see how you can enhance your outdoor decor. 

See if there’s anything you like in our collection of Outdoor Tables curated by designers for affordable rates.

Choosing furniture is hard, that’s why we’ve started this series for the best tips on how to choose various furniture pieces for your living space. We started with Sofas, followed up with Beds, and now Tables. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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