Colors For Winter Interior Decor

Design Space - 12/06/2022

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes the cozy, sophisticated, and festive spirit of the season. When dreaming up winter decorating ideas there are a myriad of ways to bring the season to life in your space. 

Whether you want to prioritize comfort and warmth or simplicity and elegance, winter decor is full of possibilities. Colors are an integral element of aesthetics and with some thoughtful choices, you could put together a winter color scheme that uses winter interior design trends to bring your vision to life.

From dialing up the warmth to bringing in the cool, here are some winter color palettes that complement any home to embrace the season. 

  1. Jewel tones 
Inhabitr_Jewel Tones

From the iconic emerald green and ruby red, to bright violet, turquoise, and magenta, rich, luscious jewel tones have a way of making any living space feel more intimate and warm. Pick a few hues that are already in your room and find their deeper jewel tone to work with your current color scheme. 

Inhabitr Tip: Use light neutrals to balance the atmosphere and help you avoid getting your space too dark.

  1. Warm accents in a mix of neutrals
Inhabitr_Warm accents in a mix of neutrals

Golden yellows and peaches draw from the colors of a fireplace to bring to life a staple of winter charm. Warm accents help you create a cozy Winter look that creates the ideal setting for hot beverages around a crackling fire. 

Inhabitr Tip: A golden throw or orange decor pillow could be surprisingly suitable for non-Christmas winter decor.

  1. Cottage chic colors
Inhabitr_Cottage Chic Colors

Nothing says winter like a cozy cottage. A space with wood and stone welcomes hues of rust, brown, and greens. This winter color palette adds depth through earthy tones that are reminiscent of lush forests and hot cocoa. 

Inhabitr Tip: Incorporate colorful patterns and textures to add pops of color and honor the unique setting of your home. 

  1. A festive color palette
Inhabitr_Festive Color Palette

Channel the joy and spirit of Christmas with deep green, cherry red, and sparkling white to match a festive mood. 

Inhabitr Tip: Hum Christmas carols as you’re decorating to bring even more cheer. 

  1. Shades of green
Inhabitr_Shades of green

Peppermint green, emerald green, olive green, grass green, and other green shades all radiate a merry winter spirit. Their cool profile adds an element of freshness and modernity to any winter color scheme. 

Inhabitr Tip: Layer these together with whites, neutrals, and a few pink or magenta accents for a gorgeous winter aesthetic.

  1. White and golden
Inhabitr_White and golden

Glimmering golden is a timeless touch that goes beautifully with white. For a cool, minimalist, wintery home you add these colors in your interior. This winter color palette is especially great for those trying to maintain an open feel to their space.

Inhabitr Tip: This color palette goes wonderfully with touches of lilac and blue. 

There are a multitude of options for the perfect winter color scheme. How will you embrace the spirit of the season?!

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