Things To Remember When Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving Tips - 03/03/2022

Moving into your new apartment is exciting, and moving into your first apartment stirs up the excitement that cannot be measured. With the excitement of moving in comes the stress of how to furnish your apartment. 

It’s also a challenge because there are so many major purchases to make, often with a budget in mind. And while it’s completely possible to create a good-looking space within the most reasonable budget, the most important thing to consider is what pieces of furniture are really worth spending money on. 

There is basic planning you must do while furnishing your new apartment. Here’s a minimalist first apartment checklist, with Inhabitr’s first apartment tips to make this process a bit easier.

  1. Compile a list of all necessities
Inhabitr_Compile a list of necessities

It is a great idea to always begin with items that you think you need. For example, jot down the furniture pieces according to each room. For example, for the living room, you will need a seating furniture piece for sure. Likewise, for the bedroom, a bed and mattress are necessary. 

You may also include other items when jotting down what you need for your first apartment, according to your personal taste and budget. Try to exclude the items that you already have. By preparing a proper list, you’ll get the approximate amount you need to invest for furnishing your apartment.

  1. Always begin with the basics
Inhabitr_Begin with the basics

When furnishing your first apartment on a budget, beginning with the basics will work in your favor. It makes your work easier & hassle-free. 

Installing lights and ceiling fans are the basic works to be completed. Choosing wall paint is yet another basic step. If you need to add flooring materials, make sure you do it first. Choosing the correct lighting, kitchen interiors, etc tops the basics list. There will be plenty of time to add flourishes once the basics are covered.

  1. Spend on the correct furniture pieces
Inhabitr_Spend on the correct furniture pieces

When you plan to decorate your first apartment, purchase universal furniture pieces as well as good quality ones. If you are not sure about your long term stay, you can even rent furniture. Inhabitr is one such furniture rental portal where you can choose from an array of furniture pieces at extremely affordable prices. 

If you’re buying furniture, aim to buy pieces you want to keep for approximately five years. This means considering what is and what isn’t worth spending money on. If you are planning to spend on furniture, do not compromise on your sofa and mattress. Nightstands, decor items, etc can be purchased at lower rates.

  1. Use multi-purpose furniture
Inhabitr_Use multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is the best option for your apartment when space is a problem. A single furniture piece sometimes can be used for multiple purposes, thus it can save the cost and space. Beds with storage options are amazing. The Convertible Chair Bed not only looks chic and comfortable, it also folds out into a lounge-chair-style bed. 

Compact enough to be a living room end table, or a home office desk, yet expandable enough to be a full dining table, a multifunctional Folding Table is a multi-use furniture piece for the modern home. The ottoman is another furniture piece that works well as multi-purpose furniture.

  1. Keep a budget and abide by it
Inhabitr_Keep a budget and abide by it

While figuring out how to furnish your first apartment cheap, make a budget & stick to it. A lot of items can be at great discounts across the year. Online shopping can cut off the cost as compared to retailers. If you’re into styling & like to change your interior every few months, consider renting furniture. Rental furniture gives you the flexibility to swap furniture whenever you’d like to. 

You should set a budget for furniture as well as other things, Also, make sure that you haven’t crossed the amount that you fixed to each department.

If rental furniture is what you’re considering for renting your first apartment, Inhabitr is a new age furniture rental company that has an array of furniture pieces to choose from for each range & taste. Rent for as long as you want or even for a short period of time, choice is yours.

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