How to Design the Right Office Space for you?

Design Space - 08/02/2021

Since the pandemic began in 2020, most of us have been at home. Lives have changed. For those who used to go to the office and enjoy the work culture, working from home became the new norm. But having the right office space at home makes all the difference. 

You won’t miss out on that feeling of being at work, and your productivity will definitely be on the rise. It’s not only about work. Your office space can also be the cozy nook where you want to relax every other evening, sipping a cuppa hot chocolate. 

So, how do you design the right office space for you?

Here are a few essential tips that will surely help you to set up a comfortable & productive office space.

  1. Focus on the location
Inhabitr_Focus on the location

The location completely depends on you. Do you work efficiently amidst noise, or do you prefer a quiet and calm nook? Decide an area where you would be comfortable. Once you have chosen the right space for your home office, you can move on to the next steps.

  1. Know what you need in your office
Inhabitr_Know what you need in your office

More than anyone else, you know what you require in your home office. The kind of furniture & essentials you would require to ensure your work flow is smooth can easily be acquired online. Thinking of buying furniture? Rental furniture is a much better option. 

Want to know why? Check out our blog “Why should you rent furniture?” to know more about renting furniture. 

  1. Keep an eye out for the decor
Inhabitr_Keep an eye out for the decor

If the rest of your house furniture & decor features light hues, you would want to keep the same tone in your home office space too. Having a lovely beige or a color along those lines can induce a calming effect in you whilst you work. As for the furniture in your office space, opt for contemporary & modern office furniture pieces such as furniture of metal-make, etc.

  1. Spend on a good quality chair
Inhabitr_ Spend on a good quality chair

You definitely don’t want to sit for 8 hours straight in front of your computer screen, and end up straining both your eyes as well as your back. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a quality & ergonomically designed chair that will provide maximum comfort. 

Your home office furniture must ensure that you are comfortable whilst you are working. This keeps a check on your overall health as well. Take a look at Inhabitr’s range of comfy Office Chairs, and since you will be checking these out, why don’t you browse through our amazing collection of office furniture sets!

  1. Choose a wonderful view
Inhabitr_View from window

You really don’t want to stare at a wall opposite your working desk all day long. Set up your workstation where you will be able to get a gorgeous view of your garden, or the road. In case you don’t have an option of getting a window view, hang up a pretty piece of artwork or decor on the wall. The view makes a massive difference.

  1. Be an efficient organizer
Inhabitr_Working desk

In most cases, people will find it difficult to find space to set up their workstations. Hence, you have to be efficient & smart about the way you organize your work space. Get hold of a few floating shelves, file holders, baskets, pen holders, etc, so that you can organize your files properly & ensure a clutter-less work space.

  1. Let there be light!

A dull working space is not going to do anything to improve your productivity. Natural window light works wonders, but if you don’t have that at your disposal, fret not. Invest in a desk lamp that provides ample amount of light for you to work and at the same time isn’t too harsh on your eyes.

Working from home has its own pros and cons. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your productivity & health doesn’t take a toll.

Your office space is no longer going to be boring & dull! To rent furniture online, Inhabitr is an amazing portal. You not only have the option of brand new office furniture rental, but also to buy used office furniture, if you plan to swap out pieces or style. 

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