What You Need to Know Before Moving to Dallas

Moving Tips - 09/02/2021

Dallas-Fort Worth is a staple of American culture. Home of the Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Zoo and more, there’s always something to do. The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” couldn’t be truer, which can be a little bit overwhelming for a first-timer in Dallas. Don’t worry, we’ve put together the top 4 tips for anyone moving to Dallas.

  1. Moving Process
inhabitr_Moving Process

When moving to a new place, we often look at the neighborhoods, and what there is to do, while skipping over the most important part: the logistics of actually moving there! It can be hard to plan out your move because more often than not, this isn’t the fun part.

Dallas Fort Worth is a big city, so chances are you’re going to be looking at apartment living or sharing a rental home with a friend. One of the biggest points of emphasis with modern city living is how on-the-go your lifestyle can be. If you don’t know where you’re going to be five, three, or even one year from now, it can be tough.

Dealing with moving all your belongings from one place to another is hard enough, moving your furniture is even tougher. So what’s the modern solution for a modern lifestyle? Depending on what you’re looking for, the answer could be furniture rental. 

You’ll get ultimate flexibility in how, when, and where you need your furniture with absolutely no hassle or headache on your side. You can read here for more information on why you should rent furniture.

If you do decide to go with rental furniture or even buying furniture, check out Inhabitr Furniture Rental Dallas-Fort Worth for the best experience you’ll find!

  1. Food and Restaurants
inhabitr_Food and Restaurants

With a growing diverse culture, the options for food and restaurants in Dallas are endless! Check out the best restaurants that you must try while getting to know your new city. 

  1. Fun Activities
inhabitr_Fun Activities

As one of the 5 largest metropolitan areas in the country, Dallas has a plethora of options. You can catch a Cowboys football game, go to the Dallas Zoo, or check out one of the many historical museums. The best thing to do is always going out and exploring for yourself, so get out there and see what the city has to offer!

  1. Local Community
inhabitr_Local Community

The Dallas community in typical Texas-fashion is very interactive and sometimes intimidating. Don’t let that scare you! There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the Dallas community, and there’s something for everyone. See here for information on upcoming Jazz Concerts, Art and Culture Festivals, Sports events and more! 

If you’re in Dallas you must take part in their old Western culture before you can call yourself a true Dallas native. If you’ve ever heard of line dancing and been interested in trying it, now’s your chance!

Thanks for reading our Inhabitr Dallas city spotlight! With this series, we hope to explore the various cultures and communities we have been lucky enough to integrate ourselves into over the last few years. 

If you live in Baltimore, Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Tucson, or Washington DC, your city might be next! See why Inhabitr was named 2021’s best furniture rental company and start renting furniture today.

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