Top 4 Tips for Moving to Seattle

Moving Tips - 05/13/2021

Moving to a new city is always an adventure. You’re likely leaving a place of familiarity with established connections and routine in favor of something totally new. A common trap for new residents of a city is to sit at home without exploring what their new city has to offer. 

If you’re moving to Seattle, don’t let that be you. We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 tips you need to know if you’re moving to Seattle.

  1. Moving Process

Our first tip may be the least glamorous, but it is the most important. The moving process for any new city is difficult, but for bigger cities like Seattle, vary greatly on where you’re planning to move. 

If you’re moving to a more suburban area, it would be a good idea to either drag along all your old furniture, or buy some quality furniture at an affordable price. Either way, some of the perks of living in a suburban area (aside from the nice homes and comfortable living) is maximum flexibility with all of your stuff. So if you’re moving to the suburbs, enjoy it!

If you’re moving to the urban part of Seattle, there are a couple of tips you might find helpful. First and foremost, you’ll want to hunt for deals since the cost of living in Seattle is high compared to the national average. For ways to get the biggest bang for your buck, see our article on how to furnish your apartment with a $1000 budget

Something else to consider is rental furniture options. Furniture rental services are growing in popularity for one main reason: flexibility. Many people living in Seattle are either college students, or young professionals who are in the early (and most volatile) stages of their careers. With rental furniture options, you can lease your furniture for however long you need it, and not have to worry about it when you’re off to a new city. 

As Seattle is the home to companies like Microsoft and Amazon, and schools like UW, plenty of interns find their way to the city in the summer. If that’s you, then you should consider rental furniture so that you can enjoy your temporary stay in this beautiful city without having to worry about the pain of moving heavy furniture in and out of your apartment.

For more information, see reasons for why you should rent furniture, or check out some clearance options at Inhabitr.

  1. Food and Restaurants

With a diverse population, Seattle is known for having a variety of foods from different cultures and ethnicities that you can and should try! More than anything, Seattle is known for its exquisite seafood. Check out the best seafood restaurants in Seattle and try them all out.

  1. Fun Activities

As a big city, Seattle has the perks of functioning as a triple threat being a blossoming college town, a legendary sports city all while having one of the best downtowns across America. Basically we’re saying that you’ll always have something to do. You can catch a concert from one of the University of Washington at Seattle’s four bands, a Seahawks game at the CenturyLink Stadium, or head to the bars with some friends, for nights you won’t remember with people you won’t forget. 

If culture isn’t really your thing, don’t worry because the great outdoors beckons. With a plethora of scenic hikes, local parks, and even whale watching, Mother Nature certainly makes her presence known in Seattle. You can see this local guide for a compilation of some of the best parks and hikes to explore.

  1. Local Community

When you live in a city of transplants, young professionals and college students, you get a unique and unforgettable community. As the home to more than a dozen museums, you can find yourself getting educated on Natural History and Culture at the Burke, the native people of the Pacific Northwest at UW Seattle, or the Museum of History and Industry. 

In Seattle, you’ll find a lot of people who are eager to learn and advance their knowledge both professionally and culturally, the more you explore, the more you’ll find yourself becoming a lifelong learner. 

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Thanks for reading the first part of our Inhabitr city spotlight series! With this series, we hope to explore the various cultures and communities we have been lucky enough to integrate ourselves into over the last few years.

If you live in Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, or Washington DC, your city might be next!

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