How to Get a Good Deal on a Living Room Furniture Set?

Miscellaneous - 06/30/2021

Your living room should portray a story of who you are and a collection of what you love. However, with a huge variety of living room styling options available online, it gets tough to decide which décor we wish to have. Don’t we have our Pinterest walls filled with interior design ideas? After overcoming this huge dilemma, when we finally stick to one particular design, the question arises; where do I find it?

Furniture rental is an attractive option for someone who might not want to spend too much on revamping their home. Got your eye on that swanky new sofa or dining table for your living room? Just rent it! From sofas to beds to study tables and chairs, furniture rental providers like us have everything for you. 

There are a number of reasons to consider renting a living room furniture set instead of buying a new one. Buying individual pieces of the furniture from different places is time consuming and perhaps the set may turn out to be different from your imagination due to a miss-match. Whereas through a rental service, you get to try out different styles at affordable prices and have the flexibility of returning or exchanging the rental furniture if it does not suit your preference. 

It is better to prioritize our needs before we surf for a modern living room furniture to furnish our living room. Here’s what you should be looking for.

A Clear Image: 

With online shopping creating a seemingly infinite catalogue, we’re in a unique modern dilemma of what to buy and what not to buy! Even though you may like an aesthetic look for your living room, a vintage look might enchant you more while browsing.

So, even if you can have it exchanged with your rental provider under certain schemes, it is wise to select a ready-made living room furniture set to maintain a consistent theme or décor style for your room.

Try to make sure you know what you’re looking for before diving into online shopping. Whether you’re looking for affordable furniture, designer furniture, or even just any sort of cheap living room furniture, a clear goal can make your life a lot easier. 

Color Scheme: 

It is important that you install furniture that complements the aesthetic of your living room. Now, it need not be a matching color but something that blends in. 

Try out furniture sets which complement your style. Buying one and finding out it does not gel would not be an economic choice. Instead, you can try out different styles with rental providers at affordable prices. 



When it comes to furniture, comfort is King. Making it look appealing to the eye is something you can create yourself with the hassle-free service of furniture renting. 

Make sure your furniture isn’t overbearing in relation to the rest of your space. If that means settling for small living room furniture, don’t hesitate!


Prepare a rough budget before browsing. If you have always purchased furniture, ‘renting’ it for a change will definitely be a more pocket-friendly deal. 

Also, rental providers offer deals which allow you to purchase your rented furniture during the rental period under a rent-now buy-later option. They offer affordable prices and daily offers which you can grab. 

Trying out a renting option comes along with benefits such as: 

1) Budget Friendly: 

One of the biggest pros of renting the furniture is that it doesn’t impact your budget heavily. You’re also more likely to find better deals on discount furniture, but that all depends on how long you plan on renting for. 

2) Flexibility: 

Furniture rentals provide you with services like free delivery as well as the professionals that come along, assemble it for you. Once you place your order, you become free from any kind of lifting. 

3) Complimentary Designing Service: 


Many of the furniture rental providers have interior-design consultation service available. The in-house interior designers can help you curate furniture pieces that fit in your space with style and budgets.

Every coin has a flip-side and even such a wonderful deal has cons; 

The Damage incurred could cost you: 

Negligible damages are often ignored by the company and repaired before setting it up for the next customer. However, if the damage is extensive, you might have to shell out a heavy sum for its repair. 

If you want great deals on rental furniture with all-star customer service and budget-friendly prices, check out Inhabitr which was recently named the best furniture rental company of 2021

For students that move from a college dorm to their own personal room, renting a furniture set is a more economic and fun way of furnishing your dream house than to purchase a set right away. You get to be your own designer and you can keep updating the style of your living room whenever you feel like. 

Don’t worry about rushing from store to store to buy a bed, a mattress, a dining room table, a sofa and so on, rent a complete set of furniture today!

If you are in pursuit of new furniture for your home, get in touch with Inhabitr. See our website for more great deals on both renting and buying furniture today!

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