Benefits of Upgrading Your Multifamily Common Areas

Furniture Options - 04/13/2023

One of the most overlooked opportunities in multifamily communities is the lobby and common areas. A well-designed common area can contribute to a sense of community, help you stand out against other rental options, and even increase rental rate. From the furniture to the art, there are many ways to optimize the lobby and common areas in your apartment building to curate a sense of place and lead to happier renters.    

Interior design trends, functionality needs, and renter experience are all places you can draw inspiration from when beginning an update to the design and program of the lobby and common spaces in your multi-family development.

As more people work from home, common spaces become even more important for midday work breaks to shake off Zoom fatigue. And when people aren’t going into an office they often seek community in their surroundings, making social gathering spaces and sense of community key decision factors when picking a place to live. 

Furniture that is multi-purpose and versatile can help with day-to-night transitions and accommodate both small and large groups of people. A space can easily transform from a productive coworking collective to a football watch party.

Design trends can be hard to keep up with, especially when you consider the monetary investment in large-scale interior design updates. But with smart selections and using furniture rental partners, like Inhabitr, you can easily keep your common areas on trend and full of energy. 

Reviving these spaces will help build an inviting atmosphere that encourages community and builds a palpable sense of energy that can influence renter behavior, help your multi-family development to stand out, and increase property value and rental rates. 

Inhabitr_Common Area Furniture

Wanting to make some updates but not sure where to start? Here are three simple steps to making a big impact in your lobby and common areas: 

  1. Furniture can be an easy first step in multifamily lobby and common area renovation. Choose pieces that are both comfortable and stylish. Consider adding couches and chairs, end tables and coffee tables, or even multi-functional pieces like ottomans that can double as extra seating when needed. With a careful selection of upholstery fabrics and colors, multifamily dwellings can be transformed into environments that reflect the unique character of their inhabitants
  1. Adorning your space with accents such as rugs and wall art can lend a splash of color to the room while simultaneously creating an inviting atmosphere.
  1. Upgrading lighting is another easy way to give multifamily lobbies and common spaces a fresh look. Replacing outdated light fixtures with brighter, more efficient ones can help make the space feel vibrant while also being beneficial for energy efficiency.

When you’re upgrading a lobby or common area it’s important to choose quality furniture pieces that will last for years to come. The right investment can make all the difference in creating an inviting space for residents to enjoy.

Reviving the style of your multifamily residence doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to Inhabitr, multifamily apartment owners no longer have to worry about extensive renovation projects. Instead, they can enjoy easy and affordable lobby and common area upgrades that will add value to their multifamily dwellings in no time. 

Whether you want a modern look, a classic style, or something in-between – Inhabitr has you covered. With Inhabitr, all it takes is a few clicks and our talented designers can help you pick out the ideal elements for your space. We provide b2b furniture for property developers at competitive prices and with dedicated customer service. We also provide apartment furniture rental with affordability and convenience.

Upgrade your multifamily space today and see what a difference it can make! Learn more about our multifamily furniture here.

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