A 5 Step Guide to Find Your Ideal Home Decor Style 

Design Space - 11/29/2021

If you read a magazine or open Pinterest, you are bound to feel attracted to a fancy mirror, an aesthetic windowpane, or simply some in-house greenery. This, in turn, inspires you to try out similar interior design for your own space because… why not? 

But when you implement the ideas yourself, you realize that it’s clearly not the picture you painted in your head. The common reason is that it does not blend with the decor style you already have at your home or it simply looks Instagram-able in pictures only. 

So, we say it’s better to figure out how to pick a home decor style and set your space up accordingly, instead of trying to replicate a single element that caught your eye. Once you have a better idea about how to determine your home decor style, you can be more informed about the pieces you get and the arrangements you make.

So, keep in mind the following points when decorating your space and choosing a decor style!

  1. Gather inspiration and create a mood board 
Inhabitr_Gather inspiration and create a mood board

Look at the houses of your friends, relatives, and favorite celebrities and see what style they have. Or simply use the internet to surf through Pinterest, Meta, Instagram, and so on to know what are the latest trends going on. Looking at different home decor styles will give you inspiration about what you want.

Simply compile what you like in a set of mood boards. Have at least 3-4 mood boards to assess and compare the style, colors, tones, and vibe. Whichever compilation fits your fancy, you are good to go with it! 

  1. Consider your lifestyle 
Inhabitr_Consider your lifestyle

Indeed, home is where the heart is! And so, your interior décor style should be something with which you are comfortable. Following an ongoing trend definitely comes second. Make your home a reflection of who lives in it! After all, it’s you that will spend the majority of your time there! 

You can also take inspiration from your closet and see if you have a modern style or you prefer the bougie style of the 90s. Your closet might also give you a glimpse of the color scheme you should adopt. 

  1. Complement the vicinity 
Inhabitr_Complement the vicinity

While strolling around your area, try to understand if the locality throws a traditional vibe or a modern vibe. Look around and see which house makes your heart go pitter-patter!  

Accordingly, match the vibe of your exterior and decide if you wish to go minimalistic or show off some fancy furniture and décor pieces! Looking at the look of the area might definitely help you narrow down one among the many types of home decor styles.

  1. Complement the architecture 
Inhabitr_Conmplement the architecture

The skeletal composition of your house can obviously not be changed entirely. So, even though creativity has no limits, we need to abide by our décor as per the structural limits. If you have small rooms, a cozy interior would suit your house whereas if you have a large space, you can experiment around minimalistic décor. 

The paint can be decided on similar lines. Avoid darker shades in a small space and experiment more with a large space as you can always balance out the lighting with some lamps and decorative lights. 

  1. Make an inventory of existing items and plan a budget 
Inhabitr_Make an inventory list and plan a budget

You might have some furniture you want to discard in favor of new pieces when figuring out a home decor style. Make a list of what you wish to keep and what you wish to replace. This will give you an idea of what’s needed, and the available items will serve as the foundation for your aesthetic. 

Finally, make sure you fit under your budget! One way to do that would be by renting furniture and decor items from Inhabitr. Decorating your home and setting up its furniture is a fun task but it often gets expensive and the hassle of running around to find the right piece kills the fun mood. Renting furniture is the way to go!  

Renting also gives you free rein to experiment with various styles and then stick to the one that suits you best. This would be a costly deal if you purchase furniture instead.

Inhabitr Furniture Rental also offers designer-curated furniture sets, with pieces selected to go well as a unit. You could check out our living room sets, dining sets, or decor sets. It’s super convenient – simply place the order and have our delivery team assemble it for you within 72 hours. 

Setting up a new space? Check out our interior design blog!  We also have tips on how to pull off Bohemian Style, Minimalistic Style, and Vintage Style Décor. You could also look at these easy home decor mistakes. Have fun!

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