7 Rustic Interior Design Tips For The Perfect Vintage Vibe

Design Space - 11/19/2021

Modern rustic spaces tell stories with texture, color, and accent pieces. If a modern decor style is chock-full of clean and simple lines, think of rustic home decor as the ideal middle ground between that and cottage-chic.

In other words, rustic home decor is one of our favorite ways to make a room look lived-in, while still exuding a collected vibe without feeling over-decorated.

This style brings together elements of polish, distress, texture, and character in a way that feels effortless. And, with a little consideration, the modern rustic look can work well in almost any room, from the living room to the bedroom, and to the bathroom.  

Here are 7 modern rustic home decor tips to help you make your space look the way you want!

  1. Repurpose Antiques
Inhabitr_Repurpose Antiques

Repurposing antiques and giving them new life is one way to add rustic décor to your home. For example, you could use an antique dresser as a bathroom vanity or a bookshelf as a TV stand. Not only is this innovative, it also breathes new life into existing furniture items.

  1. Accent With Plants
Inhabitr_Accent With Plants

Bringing in the outdoors in the form of a few, strategically placed plants is a great way to enliven up a space without cluttering it. Use baskets in place of traditional pots. Antique brushed brass, wood tones, ivory, decorative baskets are all affordable and interchangeable pieces for achieving the required look. 

You could buy or rent artificial plants from Inhabitr, to get just the right look.

  1. Choose Natural Materials
Inhabitr_Use organic materials

Organic is the name of the game when it comes to great rustic decor ideas. That means incorporating materials like stone and wood (reclaimed, unfinished), and elemental fabrics like canvas and burlap. 

You could go for rustic wall decor by using natural-themed decor items. You could also consider thinking beyond walls and floors to include utilizing natural materials in linens, rugs, and upholstery.

  1. Look to the Past
Inhabitr_Look to the Past

Vintage pieces of antique furniture play well with curated, well-worn textures and modern patterns, such as the solid wood mantel and trendy chevron pattern beneath it. Consider getting rustic accessories with a contemporary couch, or a vintage side chair reupholstered with modern fabric.

  1. Mix Styles, Shapes, and Forms
Inhabitr_Mix and Match Styles

Mixed natural materials and clean lines are defining features of this style. A rustic farm table, for example, is classic, casual, and laid-back, where matching vintage chairs could add visual interest. Industrial pendant lighting, simple lines, and a sparsely decorated space add a modern touch. 

The overall look should ideally look layered without being overdressed. Consider getting a mix of rustic furniture pieces from Inhabitr. Renting furniture might be a good idea, since you can swap pieces while figuring out your style.

  1. Good lighting can change everything
Inhabitr_Good Lighting can Change Everything

Stone fireplaces, candles, and rustic sconces can be quite attractive in a set-up in this style. Innovative lighting can transform the rustic living space even more. Picture a room that is filled with wood furniture, décor, and natural elements. Now, add a few twinkling string lights, electric aromatherapy lamps, and some DIY sconces.

The right kind of lighting can also uplift your mood and affect your productivity. Since rustic themes are usually interpreted as dull and ancient, even rural, some effective light fixtures or rustic floor lamps can brighten up your living space. Furthermore, they add special touches and vigor to the otherwise natural environment.

Don’t shy away from installing chandeliers in a rustic home. They are incredible additions to incorporate a French country style with a touch of elegance. You can choose small chandeliers over the dining table or in the rustic living room – add grace and personality to your space.

  1. Select Hardy Furniture
Inhbaitr_Select Handy Furniture

Anchor a room with a few pieces with heft, like a heavy wooden dining table. Next, an earthy combination of rattan lighting and textural pillows add natural, visual interest. Matching dining chairs and hung rectangular frames would then keep the space current.

Modern rustic decor can look classy and elegant as well as comfortable and homey. Take your time to find elements that you love, which also express who you are as a family, and you can be sure that your home will be a masterpiece.

Inhabitr Furniture Rental could help you style your home the way you want. We have a wide variety of decor items and furniture for rent and sale available here. Since renting furniture is less commitment than buying it, it might help you settle into the style you want better!

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