Inhabitr’s Guide To Furniture Rentals And Why They’re A Good Idea

Furniture Options - 02/28/2022

Renting furniture is now easier and more convenient than it has ever been. If you aren’t ready to splurge on new furniture, be it a sofa or dining set, renting a high-quality furniture piece is a great alternative.

Furniture rental companies help you get furniture conveniently, without you having to spend a huge chunk of money at one go. Want to know more about them? This blog tells you everything you need to know about furniture rentals.

  1. Does renting furniture make sense ?

There are endless reasons as to why renting furniture is a good option. Even if you’re staying somewhere temporarily, you’re going to need furniture. Rather than buying furniture pieces that you may or may not use later, picking affordable rental furniture is a far more hassle-free option. 

Moving bulky pieces from one apartment to another can be a huge hassle, especially in a long-distance move. Especially for students, people in the army & working professionals, renting comes in handy.

Due to its short-term rental value, furniture rentals have now become a convenient and useful alternative.

If you’re someone who loves to play around with schemes & styles & like to experiment with their interiors often, you may want to consider renting. Have the furniture pieces for as long as you wish & have it taken away just when you’d like. Now that sounds like a hassle-free experience!

  1. Cost of rental furniture

Usually, there is a monthly cost associated with furniture rentals. The price may vary depending upon the size, quality, location of delivery, etc. But if you are looking for a yearly rental plan, it would be super cost-effective.  The furniture may be yours to keep, depending on whether you are renting-to-rent or renting-to-own. 

Inhabitr is a new age furniture rental company that has taken furniture rentals to the next level. With amazing AI functionality and affordable deals, you can rent furniture as well as rent to buy it. We offer luxurious-looking pieces at great prices: check out our living room and bedroom furniture sets to get an idea. You can rent a gorgeous set for as little as $60 per month!

  1. Benefits of renting furniture

Renting furniture has become a more cost-effective way to keep up with the current design trends. When it comes to the millennials and younger generation, the objectives of buying a house no longer seem to be the same. While in the past some people may have saved up for furniture items, things have changed over a period of time. People these days prefer investing in gadgets, going on trips, learning new skills, etc. 

Renting furniture comes with endless benefits, it’s cost-effective, environment-friendly, available on a short-term lease, etc. Furniture is destined for the landfill, but not all of it is recyclable. Materials like PVC and foam are difficult to decompose, which leads to landfill blockages.  

Furniture that has been rented returns to the supplier to be discarded or re-rented to the next person. Rather than ending up in landfills, items are diverted from them and put to better use. 

  1. Renting duration

In most cases, the duration lasts anywhere from one day to two years.  A month-to-month rental that is less than six or 12 months may be more expensive. Consider how long you’ll need the furniture before choosing a rental period. 

Ask about the costs of short-term furniture rental when you look for options. Inhabitr provides flexible pricing for short and long-term rentals and also provides a break-free option where you can simply return the item before the lease expires.


It’s all about your needs. If you do want long-term furniture, then investing in good purchase options might work well for you.

When is renting furniture a good idea? If you want to avoid making too much of a dent in your finances at one go, if you’re living in a temporary space, or if you just don’t want to spend too much time and effort on figuring out furniture. 

Overall, renting furniture is not only hassle-free but also makes your life easy with delivery, set up, and returns. Rental furniture also comes with flexibility, as you can experiment with different styles & schemes and swap pieces as & when you like.

Check out Inhabitr Furniture Rental to get designer-curated furniture on rent!

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