15 Reasons Inhabitr is the Furniture Rental Service for you

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/08/2021

Furniture plays an important role in turning a space into a home. Your furniture is an extension of your tastes, and choosing the right furniture makes the entire place uniquely yours. Now more than ever, people are realizing that as circumstances change, so does what makes up the “right furniture”, and this leads them to renting furniture instead of buying. 

There are many perks to renting furniture: from getting to choose from an endless range of furniture, to renting for a specific time period at your convenience. That’s why it’s no surprise that rental furniture, and rental services in general have grown exponentially in the last decade.

Inhabitr is a new, affordable, user friendly rental furniture service and online marketplace. Here are 15 reasons why you should try Inhabitr for your next furniture rental.

  1. No Minimum Cart Value for Checkout:
Inhabitr_No Minimum Cart Value for Checkout

Most other furniture companies have a minimum cart value to allow the customer to check out. This could be a problem if you’re only looking to buy one item. With Inhabitr, you don’t have to worry about it, because there is no minimum cart requirement to be able to checkout. You can rent furniture pieces from just a simple chair, to an entire living room set, the choice is yours.

  1. No Minimum Rental Period:
Inhabitr_No Minimum Rental Period

While you might be forced to rent furniture pieces for longer than you need with other competitors, Inhabitr gives you the freedom to rent items for as little as just one day! If you are moving somewhere temporarily, you can rent furniture from Inhabitr without having to worry about any minimum rental terms. 

  1. Free Handling & White Glove Assembly:
Inhabitr_Free Handling & White Glove Assembly

Inhabitr provides services like free handling & assembly on qualifying orders. Inhabitr always strives to make renting an affordable and hassle free experience. For example, by having a cart value of just $99 per month for a 12 months lease, you qualify for free delivery & white glove assembly.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Furniture Shopping:
Inhabitr_AI Assisted Furniture Shopping

Something that really sets Inhabitr apart from our competitors is the use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance our user experience. While shopping, Inhabitr recommends several alternative furniture options to help you save more while shopping. When you head to your cart, the AI will automatically show you items similar to the ones you’ve chosen, with more affordable options. If you’re looking for affordable furniture without compromising on quality, this is perfect for you!

  1. Free Upgrade When a Product is Out of Stock:
Inhabitr_Free Furniture Upgrade

One of the more common issues with online shopping is trying to order something only to later realize that it’s out of stock! Luckily, Inhabitr has a simple solution to this problem. We offer a free upgrade on products that have gone out of stock, so you won’t have to settle for anything less than what you were looking for. No compromises necessary.

  1. Option to Rent, Buy New or Buy Used Furniture:
Inhabitr_Option to Rent, Buy New or Buy Used Furniture

 Every item/set you see on the Inhabitr website is available for you to either rent or buy. If you’re buying, you can buy “brand new” or “like new” (refurbished/used).

There is also a 4th option – rent-to-own, where you can rent now and choose to buy out later. No other furniture store gives you all 4 options in one place.

  1. Rent Now, Buy Later:
Inhabitr_Rent Now, Buy Later

If you are unsure about buying a furniture item, you can use our rent to own furniture options to rent first, then buy anytime during the lease period. Inhabitr gives you the flexibility to buy the item anytime during the lease in case you change your mind.

  1. “Break Fee” Option:
Inhabitr_Break Fee Option

A break fee is a unique option that Inhabitr provides to its customers. If you rent items for some period of time and wish to end the lease before the lease period ends, Inhabitr gives you the flexibility to do so. You can buy the break fee for an extra $29 with your lease, and discontinue your contract without paying any penalty fee.

  1. Swap Items Out During Your Lease:
Inhabitr_Furniture Swap During Lease

Everyone knows that after you’ve owned a piece of furniture (or anything really) for a long time, it can start to look bland. Unlike other brands, Inhabitr gives you the option to swap items out during your lease period. You can remove products, or swap items with new & trendy pieces of furniture at your convenience.

  1. Return Items on Delivery:
Inhabitr_Return Items on Delivery

If you decide that you don’t like an item, or that you aren’t able to use it, you can return it as soon as it’s delivered. All without spending a penny. Furniture shopping is made super flexible and hassle free with Inhabitr’s customer centric services.

  1.  Coverage/Protection Options:
Inhabitr_Coverage/Protection Options

Damaged a piece of furniture you rented? Don’t worry. Inhabitr offers a protection plan for all its customers, covering accidental stains, rips, tears, dents and more! The protection fee is 15% of the monthly rent & added to the monthly bill. 

Inhabitr offers a deposit fee as well, a one time fee which is refundable at the end of lease. 

  1. Ambassador Program:
Inhabitr_Ambassador Program

 In Inhabitr’s Ambassador Program, you can sign up & advocate Inhabitr as our Ambassador on various platforms. Once you sign up, you will receive a unique referral code. Customers can use your referral code to get $50 off of their order.

As Ambassadors, you will get a rebate kick back of $50 in return, when an order is placed via the use of your referral code. Check out our website for more details on this wonderful offer!

  1. Free Interior Design Consultation:
Inhabitr_Free Interior Design Consultation

Inhabitr’s Interior Designers will help you plan your space after consulting you on your personal taste and style. They will help you pick the right furniture. Just email your floor plan, talk to our designers and wait for your mock ups to arrive in no time. All done by Inhabitr at no cost to you.

  1. Next Day Delivery:
Inhabitr_Next Day Delivery

One of the best features about Inhabitr is the next day delivery service. If you need your furniture to be delivered the very next day, Inhabitr will not disappoint you. Being a customer-centric company the main goal of the brand is to provide customer satisfaction & a hassle free experience when it comes to our services, including delivery.

  1. Choose When your Furniture is Delivered:
Inhabitr_Customised Delivery

Another unique feature about Inhabitr is the privilege to choose the time and day of delivery. When you check out, the system will redirect you to a calendar where you can choose the day and time of your choice for all your furniture to be delivered. Give 3 tentative dates and have an Inhabitr member confirm the day before sending the furniture to your place.

With all the above mentioned benefits, Inhabitr is a company which strives to bring you affordable furniture with style, comfort, and flexibility. All you have to do is go to our site and choose from an endless range of high quality furniture pieces. We have you covered any way that you’re shopping for furniture. Hassle free delivery and assembly with the finest quality you’ll find in the furniture industry.

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