How To Pick The Best Storage Furniture For Your Bedroom

Design Space - 10/04/2022

A messy room can be highly stress-inducing: clutter all around you can make it difficult to think and move around. Optimizing your bedroom’s storage space can improve your quality of life! In this blog, we have tips and guidelines for optimizing your bedroom’s storage furniture. Read ahead!

A cluttered room doesn’t just look messy and off-putting, it can also potentially stifle your ability to think with too much going on. If you think visually and are affected by your environment, the visual stimulation caused by clutter might affect how productive you want to be or how clearly you can think your way through solutions.

If you like organization or if you want to be more intentional about the way your space looks and feels, you’d benefit from extra storage space in your bedroom. Read on for storage furniture tips!

How To Pick Storage Furniture For Bedroom

  1. Get a bed with storage
Inhabitr_Get a bed with storage

The bed’s likely the biggest piece of furniture in your room. Especially if you’re working with a small space or if you want to optimize your bedroom’s organization, use the space under your bed! A bed with storage will likely go a long way in helping you stash away large items that you don’t use too often.

  1. Get a fair amount of closed storage space
Inhabitr_Get a fair amount of closed storage space

Wardrobes, cabinets, dressers, chests, and nightstands will all have closed storage space. Their smooth exterior and sleek lines will help you reduce visual stimulation and clutter in your room.

If you love organization, you’d probably have a great sense of what to put where when you get the pieces of furniture. It might also feel good to have your important items at arm’s reach in your bedroom whenever you need them! Small storage cabinets can be especially cute with decor pieces on top of them.

Measure your room and the pieces you want before buying them since you’d want breathing space in there. If you’re working with a small space or if you want a calm design, we’d also advise you to get lighter colors in your furniture.

  1. Get shelves for vertical storage
Inhabitr_Get shelves with vertical storage

Optimizing vertical storage is a great way to design a small space! You could get a sturdy bookshelf or wall-mounted shelf for books, knickknacks, everyday items, and decor. 

We’d advise you to pick your shelves with functionality in mind. Think, what would you like to have access to all the time in your line of vision? What would you like to display? Visualize your space and how you’d use it, and make your furniture choices accordingly.

  1. Keep an eye out for multipurpose furniture
Inhabitr_Keep an eye out for multipurpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is excellent for making the best use of space. A bench might help combine storage with sitting space, or a shelf with both open and closed storage might provide varying storage solutions at once.

Remember that your furniture just helps you create the base for the space you want. Pick with your personality and overall vibe in mind!

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