How Inhabitr Provides Sustainable & Affordable Furniture

Inhabitr Spotlight - 04/20/2022

Inhabitr was recently mentioned in Apartment Therapy, a lifestyle blogs and publishing company that focuses on home design & décor. They shed light on our initiative of keeping furniture out of the landfills & adopting a sustainable approach by using our furniture cloud. Inhabitat, a blog that speaks often about the importance of a green lifestyle, also talks about our initiative to keep furniture out of landfills.

It is a system that links us directly to the inventory across nationwide warehouses. Thus, we can ensure timely delivery all over the country. Even during a supply chain crisis, Inhabitr guarantees a prompt delivery merely because of our Furniture Cloud Technology. We make use of the unused and available inventory which to be fair, is a lot!

Approximately 9 million tons of furniture go to the landfill each year (source) and about 60% of it is in a reusable state. Inhabitr’s mission is to make sure that no furniture hits the wasteland without being utilized to its full potential. Our refurbishing team makes sure that even used furniture items are made available in a factory-finish state.

We can proudly say that so far we have saved $5 million worth of furniture from ending up in a landfill. 

Apartment Therapy also mentioned, “Inhabitr even offers delivery and installation within just a few days of ordering. It’s an option for those who need to furnish temporary housing, businesses, or rental properties. When you’re done with the piece of furniture, Inhabitr will come and pick it up at the end of your rental agreement. The company then cleans and repairs the furniture item and makes it available for the next customer.”

“If you don’t have a way to let used furniture make its way back into the mainstream, you’re never going to solve the landfill problem,” Ankur Agrawal, founder, and CEO of Inhabitr, also says, ”With our technology, we’re creating a way in which every consumer who wants to use a couch for a year, for example, and wants to trade it in for a different couch, will have the option to place their furniture into our cloud. Our cloud will then put it back into someone else’s home while allowing people to achieve the design aesthetic that they’re looking for, and be able to create a fair value for that couch.”

Not only furniture items but we also offer decor items for you to upscale your interior design. Our wide range of designer-curated furniture sets makes it easy for you to select a style. So, do your bit towards sustainability and live comfortably with Inhabitr! Place an order now and get your home furnished within 72 hours!

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