Empty Office Spaces Are Better Off Furnished – Here’s Why

Furniture Options - 02/07/2023

As the US office market experiences higher and higher vacancies, it makes sense for landlords of speculative office spaces to keep units furnished and set up. All factors considered, keeping office spaces empty can be costlier in the long run. The benefits of furnished office spaces arguably outweigh maintenance costs. 

Don’t believe us? Check out why and how keeping empty office space furnished can be a good economic decision.

  • It makes a space more convenient and seamless to move into
Inhabitr_It makes a space more convenient to move into

Rather than having to invest in furniture, incoming tenants can walk into a space that is almost ready for them to use. This can save potential tenants time and money when moving in, as well as provide an appealing option that allows them to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Office units with pre-set-up workplace furniture are attractive to companies for several reasons, including convenience, increased flexibility, and lower maintenance costs. By keeping your speculative office unit furnished, you give your clients a useful resource available to use on short notice.

  • Furnished space is easier to visualize as functional
Inhabitr_Furnished Spaces are easier to visualize

Having an available office space pre-furnished gives potential tenants a better idea of what their office space could look like when set up. By seeing the furniture and other items in place, tenants can more easily visualize how the space will be used. This visualization may make it easier for them to decide if this is the right space for them–it’s much easier to imagine a functional layout when it’s already set up.

  • It helps you market your unit more effectively

By having the space fully furnished, landlords can create attractive marketing materials that show potential tenants what their office could look like when they move in. This is especially important for attracting out-of-town businesses who may not be able to visit the space in person. 

  • It can increase the perceived credibility of the landlord 

Keeping office space furnished can also create a more professional image for landlords. By having the space set up and ready to go, potential tenants will see they could get their unit quickly and efficiently. This may also help landlords increase rents or garner higher offers from tenants who are impressed with the professionalism of the space.

For all these reasons, it makes sense for landlords of available office spaces to keep their units furnished. This can save time and money for tenants when they move in, help them visualize how the space could be used, and make it easier to market the unit. In the long run, these benefits can outweigh the costs of keeping empty office space furnished. And when you partner with Inhabitr, it can help keep your costs down. 

Inhabitr’s Workplace Office Furniture

Inhabitr's Workplace Furniture Rental

Keeping your office unit does not need to be very expensive. At Inhabitr, we understand the importance of furniture in office spaces’ functionality, and we offer a complete range of high-quality office furniture for all types of offices at an affordable price. From desks to chairs, filing cabinets to bookcases, our furniture services are designed to make your empty office space look professional and inviting.

Our office furniture rental service is competitively priced and driven to provide hassle-free furniture with both long-term and short-term leases. Renting furniture relieves the pressure of high upfront costs with monthly subscription options. We also provide white-glove delivery, assembly, and set-up, along with a dedicated team to answer any questions or concerns.

Let Inhabitr help you keep your empty office space furnished and make sure that both you and your tenants have an excellent experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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