What Makes The Perfect Accent Chair

Design Space - 11/11/2022

A small accent chair can be the centerpiece of a living room furniture set, or it can be a clumsy addition that sticks out like a sore thumb. And with the vast variety of styles, colors, and sizes, how do you make sure your accent chair is working for you, not against you?

From color choice to functionality, there are a few things that you should consider when picking an accent chair to ensure it ties your space together.

  1. The perfect accent chair fulfills a purpose
Inhabitr_The Perfect Accent Chair Fulfils Its Purpose

Understanding the function of your accent chair will help you create a starting point for evaluating style, color, and size. Do you want a comfortable chair to cozy up with a book, or is it a purely decorative piece? Does the color need to easily hide stains left behind by children or pets, or is durability less of a priority? 

Inhabitr Tip: For dining uses, avoid materials that stain easily and try out a more upright back. 

  1. It fits your room just right
Inhabitr_It fits the room just right

Spatial awareness can help you assess the size of your accent chair. A cluttered living room can look untidy and cramped. Even a small accent chair takes up quite some space in a room, especially when occupied. What’s the footprint in the room that you have for the chair without causing clutter or a tripping hazard?  

You also want your chair to complement the rest of your living room furniture in height. If the chair is too tall or too short in comparison to the rest of the seating, it can throw off the balance of the room. 

The perfect accent chair takes just the right amount of space. To get the right accent chair, get a sense of the dimensions you want to be filled, both horizontally and vertically, and try to roughly stick to them while picking your piece.

Inhabitr Tip: Consider the height of the wall art as well when looking at size. You wouldn’t want to obstruct the view of important pieces of art or wall features. 

  1. The perfect accent chair fits the overall look of a space
Inhabitr_Compliments the space

While an ‘accent,’ the chair should still align with the style of the room. Your style can be eclectic and mixed, and you can work intuitively with what you’re drawn to, but overall you should keep in mind that the chair should not feel out of place. Whether traditional, boho, contemporary, or modern, start by categorizing the overall space aesthetic. 

Inhabitr Tip: Take a look at the legs of other furniture pieces as a hint to what style and what finishes your accent chair could feature. 

  1. It fits your overall color scheme
Inhabitr_It fits the overall color scheme

Consider the color palette of the current room. You could even create a moodboard to compare accent chair colors against. Your accent chair should fit into the overall color scheme. Take a current color and find a similar hue to have an accent chair that blends in. Pick a complementary color to pick one that stands out. As long as the chair contributes to a sense of cohesion, it’s perfect.

Inhabitr Tip: If you’re in the mood for a pattern, do the same exercise to ensure the colors in the pattern are either working with or complementing the room’s color scheme. 

Take your time picking and get a good look at the options available to you. At Inhabitr, we have a diverse range of accent chairs that you can browse and pick from.

Do you often get stuck picking furniture pieces? You could consider renting furniture. If you rent something like an accent chair, you get to experiment a lot more with your style by swapping options as frequently as you’d like. What’s more, a furniture rental like Inhabitr provides extremely convenient delivery and assembly, along with great quality, affordable furniture, which makes getting just what you want a lot easier.

You can even rent entire living room furniture rental sets here! They’re curated by our designers to fit together nicely, and can make the furnishing process a lot easier.

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