Famous Furniture From The Movie World

When selecting your furniture, you want it to reflect your tastes, working together with the colors in the room to reflect your taste and create an ambience that feels comfortable or can be used to make a real statement.

The inspiration for your choice can come from many places, be it an era or a movie; there are so many pieces of furniture that tell a story. The perfect example of that is the backdrop in the agent’s base in the Men in Black series of movies; not only does it evoke thoughts of the swinging sixties, by combining the setting of the film and the décor, the furniture feels futuristic too. A lot of this is thanks to the humble chair, the egg-shaped seats in the movie help set the scene, and with many of the posters and publicity around the movie featuring them, it could be suggested they’re integral to the film.

That is just one example of how our preferred places to relax have helped to paint a picture, there are many more statement pieces from across the world of the movies. Some of this famous movie furniture you can grab for your own homes and some, well, some might be a little more challenging to replicate. We’ve picked out some of our favorites.

  1. The Matrix – Red Leather Wingback

The movie, which sees the fourth edition released this month, features the chair as an iconic part of its set in a crucial part of the film. As Neo is learning about his role in the Matrix, he sits with Morpheus to discuss what exactly is the world that he’s found himself transported into; his mentor sits in a timeless piece of furniture. 

With the white backdrop and the chair in isolation, it really makes a statement and is crucial to the storytelling in the movie.

  1. Game of Thrones – Iron Throne

This chair is a symbol of power in the book A Song of Ice and Fire, which translated perfectly into the TV series adaptation, better known as Game of Thrones. It’s become a piece of furniture that is as famous as the characters in the show, a show which became a Guinness World Record breaker according to Deadline

It’s so recognizable that it was chosen as essential imagery for some online games, mainly as it was instantly recognizable as the famous fictional throne of the Game of Thrones title. You can find the Iron Throne’s image on an online slot from Cheeky Bingo; called Game of Thrones Powerstacks, the TV show’s logo is paired with the iconic throne to conjure up images from the show immediately. It also appears in the Telltale Games series on PlayStation and Xbox. 

However, while it’s not something you can buy if you want to, as it’s entirely fictional, it’s a piece of furniture that suits its surroundings and gives off the perfect statement of power. Some have tried to replicate it though; it might be your next statement piece!

  1. Star Wars – Emperor’s Imperial Throne

The throne in the George Lucas epic is another example of a pronouncement of strength, allied by its positioning at the head of the Death Star and against the backdrop of the vast galaxy it truly is a frightening seat. 

Although in isolation, it looks like something you’d probably find a modern-day gamer perched in, and they might even be exploring the throne room on Star Wars Battlefront, where the seat makes an appearance. It has a futuristic and technological aesthetic that fits the bill of gaming perfectly, but you might not want it in your lounge!

  1. Austin Powers – Lips Sofa

If you were to think of Austin Powers, not only do you conjure up images of the 60s, with the garish clothing of the protagonist in the comedic spy and the backdrop. Powers is famous for his love of, well, love. So, the inclusion of the lips sofa is perfect. It looks retro, its vivid red color is one of the most striking we’ve ever seen when it comes to furniture, and it gives a seductive look to the room, oh do behave!!

If you’re already set with a sofa then, why not look at buying the perfect coffee table to complement it by taking a look at our guide to choosing the perfect partner for your chair with us, here at Inhabitr!

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