Entryway Design Ideas For a Welcoming Home

Design Space - 05/18/2022

Entryways are the perfect place to establish welcoming vibes in your home. Whether it’s a big foyer or a barely-there space at the front door, this area is the first room you see when you walk into the house. It sets the look and feel for your entire house, and we all know just how important first impressions are!

A good entryway design makes sure the room helps to keep you organized on your way in and out and makes an excellent first impression on guests. Setting up an entryway you love coming home to is a great thing to prioritize right now—even if you usually just leave the house for groceries or to go on a walk! 

These spaces are usually on the smaller side, because of which entryway redesigns don’t require nearly as much work (or as big of a budget) as other rooms. What kind of vibe do you want to create? We’ve rounded up some creative and simple entryway ideas so that you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Whether you’re just looking for small entryway design ideas or want to wow your guests with a statement-worthy entrance, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Create a Functional Entryway Checkpoint
Inhabitr_Create a Functional Entryway Checkpoint

The entryway is the first place you set foot into when you come home and the last place you see when you leave. Adding a few thoughtful touches can have a big impact on your entire day. Additions like drawers for mail, a tray for essentials like your keys and wallet, and hooks to hang your bag or coat will help organize the space—and your life!

Think about the things you grab on your way out the door and create an entryway design that helps remind you to take them with you. This will help ensure you’ll always be prepared to face the day.

  1. Add Personal Touches
Inhabitr_Add Personal Touches

After a long day, it is so nice to come home and be greeted by a space you love. Take a little extra care to curate decor and art in your entryway design so you are welcomed home by things you love from the moment you step through the door.

Consider adding in a few photos of your family, sculptures from a trip, or fun decor that showcases your personal style. A few of these personal touches in an entryway can instantly make your home feel like your perfect oasis.

  1. Keep Your Entryway Design Simple and Stylish
Inhabitr_Keep Your Entryway Design Simple and Stylish

Sometimes the best entryway designs are the simplest ones. All you really need is a piece of art or a stylish mirror, a console or bench, and a few pops of decor.

We love a bench for an easy place to put on and take off shoes. And a mirror is key for last-minute outfit checks and can help make smaller entryway designs feel more spacious! Finally, some potted plants and decorative pillows pack a delightfully stylish punch in any entryway, making them our must-have pieces to complete this space.

  1. Create a Jaw-Dropping Focal Point
Inhabitr_Create a Jaw-Dropping Focal Point

Entryways might be small, but they don’t have to be an afterthought. With the right interior design attention, your entryway can rival any other room in the house. And, considering this room gets so much traffic, it probably should.

It doesn’t take much to create a gorgeous look here either—pick a console table you love, hang a show-stopping work of art, and cover the floors with a gorgeous rug (just make sure it has a durable weave and can stand up to extra foot traffic). 

Bonus points if you have space for a statement chandelier! Then, tuck in a few baskets for a stylish pop of storage. These are especially great for kid-friendly entryways where all the clutter can be hard to contain.

  1. Upgrade Your Welcome Mat
Inhabitr_Upgrade your welcome mat

One simple, stylish swap we’d recommend is right at your feet. Upgrade your (indoor) welcome mat with an antique rug that sets a classic, worldly tone. The rug’s well-worn appeal will also keep the first few footsteps in the home from feeling too precious. Check out Inhabitr’s rugs, you might find something you love!

  1. Have a Seat
Inhabitr_Have a seat

A simple way to make guests feel at home is to have a seat positioned prominently in your entryway. Benches and chairs alike provide a practical opportunity to sit down while putting on or taking off shoes (or to simply take a load off for a few moments.) Entry seating can also be easily accessorized with throw pillows and plants that showcase your personal style as a preview of the rest of the home.

An entryway that reflects who you and your family truly are inspires a welcoming home. Hope these entryway interior design ideas help you achieve that!

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