Fall Home Decor Trends For a Cozy Home

Design Space - 09/30/2021

The temperature has started to cool down and the kids have returned to their regular school routine. What does that tell us? Fall is officially here! 

Embrace the season of colors, warmth and liveliness by decorating your home in cozy fabrics, warm and earthy tones along with vintage pieces. Here are 6 fall home decor ideas that you should follow! 

1) Earthy, Nature-Inspired Tones: 

Inhabitr_Earthy, Nature-Inspired Tones

Yellow, red, and orange have been the classic fall colors for home decor, but this year Brown is the new grey! Browns, taupe, greens, and everything in between is coming back in fashion. And there is no better time to introduce these colors than fall. 

If you prefer to decorate with the classic colors of pumpkins and fall leaves, experiment by mixing one or two unexpected shades into your palette to mix things up. Warm up your space and make it feel instantly cozier with earth tones. 

2) Vintage Furnishing: 

Inhabitr_ Vintage Furnishing: 

Décor items can help you have a modern interior while giving the vintage theme to depict the season. During the pandemic, all of us have picked up some or the other hobby.  

You can portray this hobby in your fall home décor by adding a painting or a vase that you have made in the mix. Such showpieces make your house look enchanting and keep reminding you about your ‘happy place’. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of keeping DIY home decor in your house!

3) Cozy and Textural Fabrics: 

Inhabitr_3) Cozy and Textural Fabrics: 

As the temperature drops, warm and comforting fabrics are a must, and texture is a key trend. Add layers of throw pillows to your chunky knitted blankets to bid adieu to the cool summer vibes and embrace the welcoming fall! 

As you refresh your sofa or bedding, mix in a variety of fabrics in different textures, such as plush faux fur, and soft cashmere, for a cozy, layered look. 

4) Partition and Room Dividers: 

Inhabitr_ Partition and Room Dividers

The area that was for the guests alone, is now a homework station, a work office, and a personal out-house for the parents that need five minutes of time alone. 

Nevertheless, one thing is for certain: The need for privacy and solitude has become paramount in our homes (but the need to make sure our children aren’t setting the house on fire is equally important). 

Thus, there is a resurgence of mid-century modern room dividers that allow for the kind of “hands-on privacy” parents are looking for. One solution we have incorporated is decorative partition screens. We have also incorporated serving counters to act as a definition between the kitchen and living space.

Partitions and dividers are both useful and aesthetically pleasing as modern home decor components.

5) Add Layers to your Bedroom: 

Inhabitr_Add Layers to your Bedroom: 

The entire concept of fall décor revolves around coziness and what is cozier than our bedroom? Designers are looking to bring layers of comfort throughout the entire bedroom this season. This means that the ottoman and poufs which were in your cart, should be ordered right away!

The décor can have bright or dark earth tones depending upon the mood of your room. But what matters is the layering you add with cozy curtains, plush pillows, patterned rugs, and rich linen. For extra punch, add wallpaper above a chair rail. 

6) Bring in the Outdoors: 

Inhabitr_Bring in the Outdoors: 

Fall tries to bring everything together. Staying at home for over a year made us realize the importance that the serenity of our outdoors holds! Add a few house plants to your fall home décor, making a few of them fall centerpieces in your living and dining room. 

We do not mean that you should make your interior a greenhouse, but a few plants with fancy pots and vases will fully refresh your home in the seasonal vibe. Fall scented candles are also a brilliant idea to set the tempo. 

The lovely season of fall lasts 3 months, so, using rental furniture for your fall home décor will give you widespread affordable furniture options from the company’s catalogue. Renting furniture ensures great pocket-friendly subscription-based furniture deals.

The upcoming season of winter requires similar fabrics and cozy settings. Thus, trying out décor for fall can help you in the long run. We, at Inhabitr furniture rental, have professionally curated home furniture sets that match the themes, color, and size of your apartments.  

You could also check out our decor products for your fall home decor projects: we have great artificial plants, rugs, lamps, and a lot more!

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