“Space-tacular” Small Room Decor Ideas To Expand Space

Design Space - 03/10/2022

The battle for space is never-ending in compact homes. The living rooms, especially, are expected to have all the essentials and yet look spacious. We wish to have spacious bedrooms as well, to be as comfortable as we can in our space. 

The inherent problem with compact spaces is that they allow little room for experimentation. But we at Inhabitr think that space constraints can also spark creativity and lead to better interiors. Ever heard the saying, necessity is the mother of all invention? It holds true even when you’re trying to make the best of your space!

We have our fair share of advice to give about decorating small spaces on a budget. Use these design-savvy tips and tricks to get the perfect simple interior house design for small spaces!

  1. Focus on the Floor
Inhabitr_Focus on the floor

The floor takes up a significant amount of square footage and thus is one of the most high-impact spaces in your living room. Use one flooring material, such as wood or carpet, throughout your living room and adjoining rooms to visually expand the space and create flow with your design. In that same vein, avoid interrupting the eye with contrasting floor coverings. 

Use sofas and cabinets with legs, so the floor fades under the furniture rather than stopping suddenly at a wall of wood or fabric.

  1. Use Furniture That Makes the Room Appear Bigger
Inhabitr_use furniture that makes the room bigger

We all stick to the “smaller the space, lesser the furniture” mantra – it’s a wise rule to practice. However, it might be hard to follow as the living room is a space for gatherings and requires a lot more than a chair and a table. 

There are various types of furniture perfect for incorporating elegant small living room ideas and expanding space, such as floating or wall-mounted furniture, lightweight furniture like glass tops, slender legs, or that are see-through, and so on. Check out Inhabitr’s living room furniture rental sets! You might find just what you’re looking for.

  1. Buy a king-sized bed
Inhabitr_Buy a king-sized bed

It might sound counterintuitive, but large, relaxing pieces such as a big bed or a sofa can make it seem like you have more space. Try splurging on the pieces that will help you to relax the most. Check our Inhabitr’s beds, sofas, and sectional sofas! Our wide range of items ensures that there’s something for everyone.

  1. Add a Focal Point
Inhabitr_Add a focal point

Emphasize a focal point or accent piece in order to take people’s attention away from the size of the room. So choose a grand statement piece or artwork to flaunt your living room. Also, remember to keep the rest of the room clutter-free so that your accent gets the pace to shine. Pick an elegant art piece or a floor lamp!

  1. Arrange for Traffic Flow
Inhabitr_Arrange for traffic flow

Uninterrupted movement is one sign of a large space, so arrange your furniture in a way that allows everyone to move easily from one area to the next. Determine how someone enters the room and where they’re most likely to go, such as to a sofa or desk chair, then arrange the furniture so people can use paths without obstruction. 

Make sure to allow enough space to perform tasks common to the room, such as opening and closing window coverings and reaching for light switches.

If you’re living in a temporary space or if you’re likely to move in a while, consider renting furniture! Inhabitr has great online rental furniture options that are both designer-curated and affordable. For small spaces, Inhabitr has apartment furniture rental packages that let you get a great deal on furniture hassle-free!

Check out our living room furniture sets and bedroom furniture sets! Live with style, wherever you are.

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