Post-Christmas Winter Home Decor Ideas To Help You Spruce It Up 

Design Space - 12/27/2021

Winter brings in much joy and enthusiasm. It’s the official holiday season, the season of togetherness & celebration. 

The fun involves decorating your home for the season. With all the Christmas decorations looking scintillating and vibrant, people tend to get confused as to how to go about winter decor after Christmas. Many wonder what’s to be done with their Christmas decorations. 

Just because the main holiday of the season has passed doesn’t mean you have to rush to pack up all your holiday decorations for the season. There are still lots of DIY non-Christmas winter decorations that will add festive touches to your home. 

You can create the cozy living room of your dreams or bring some color into the kitchen that will make you smile while you’re cooking some amazing meals. We have consolidated this blog to talk about some fun DIY’s, winter crafts, etc, to keep the fun alive.

From colors & patterns, fancy-looking decorations, etc this list of post-Christmas decoration ideas will inspire different ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen areas, etc. Once you’ve decided what direction to take your winter decor, you’ll probably end up adding some fun winter activities to your list. Let’s dive in!

  1. Incorporate Colorful Patterns
Inhabitr_Incorporate Colorful Patterns

Colors make everything look absolutely gorgeous. Prevent any room from feeling dreary during dark winter days with bright, bold patterns. 

If you have any colorful plates or cookware, go ahead and display them. Use colorful decor items like pillows and artwork to add spark to your dull winter days. You could check out Inhabitr’s decor products, available both for renting and purchase, to figure out your style better.

  1. Go Green
Inhabitr_Go Green

Adding some greens does no harm. Make any room, especially the living room & dining room feel brighter by adding touches of greenery on the end table and shelves. Even when it’s snowing outside, it will feel a bit more alive indoors. Not only do plants add color, but it’s great for you too! When confused, go green! 

  1. Try out DIYs
Inhabitr_Try Out DIYs

Winter means sweaters, mittens & scarves. If you’re somebody with a lot of these handy, you might want to try some DIYs. DIY winter wall decor would be a charming addition to your space, sure to invite compliments.

For example, a scarf wreath is quick & simple. Wrap a 12-inch foam wreath form with a knitted scarf, holding the ends in place with pins. Voila! Your woolen wreath is ready. 

Another quick DIY involves old sweaters. Turn your sweaters into cute knit pillows that will make a couch or favorite chair extra cozy. Look up some quick tutorials here. If you have some mittens handy which you do not use often, attach each mitten on a string and use it as a garland to decorate your room.

  1. Decorate your front door
Inhabitr_Decorate your front door

Wreaths and door hangings are a classic way to celebrate every season. Here, you’ll find some examples of how to create one hanging that will last through the winter holidays and beyond. 

It’s easy to customize the basket/hanging and use whatever decorative elements you have on hand. Once winter is over, switch up the contents with flowers & leaves to have a new look for spring.

  1. Decorate the Fireplace Mantel
Inhabitr_Decorate the Fireplace Mantel

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel, make it the star of your winter design scheme. Decorate your mantel with candles, a garland of faux snowballs, some greenery, an artwork or two. For more ideas, search online. A well-decorated fireplace mantel would make for a great rustic winter decor look.

If you’re looking for some rental furniture options, Inhabitr offers an array of options for decorating your house for the perfect winter mood. From comfortable sofas to beautiful decorative lamps & rugs, you’ll find it all here. With endless color variety & affordable prices, Inhabitr has got you covered for all your furniture needs!

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