How to Organize a Move: Tips and Tricks from Inhabitr

Moving Tips - 01/11/2022

While the thought of finally moving into your new home may be exciting, especially after weeks of hassle and unending formalities, just thinking about preparing for a big move can make any calm individual nervous and anxious. We’re here to help you with some effective yet simple house moving tips and tricks to help you organize your move smoothly.

Moving a house can be difficult, there are endless things to look after. Figuring out how to organize a move across town and juggling a variety of moving tasks isn’t easy. However, with the right method & way, it can be done. 

  1. Begin the preps early
Inhabitr_Begin the preps early

This is important even when your move is to another town. Do not wait for the last few days to pack your bag, begin early so that you can wrap up sooner. As soon as you get the keys, start moving items over a little bit at a time. Begin with small things like books, art, and seasonal items that are already packed up. 

A move across town means you cannot get away without renting a big moving truck. See if you can borrow a truck or for moving day beforehand to avoid last-minute errands.

  1. Declutter

Moving can be emotional for somebody who has lived in a house for many years or has some memories etched to the home. Whatever the scenario is, avoid taking everything to your new house. 

For an organized moving and cleaning process, begin room-wise and ask yourself while picking up items: Do I need it? Do I love it? Can I do without it? This technique will help you get rid of stuff that you can do without. You’ve probably accumulated a lot of things that you no longer use or need. Dispose of it to avoid a pile on. Also, while you declutter, clean all your rooms well to make the apartment prim & presentable.

  1. Pack room wise
Inhabitr_Pack room wise

To avoid any kind of hassle, packing things room-wise is a great way to help ease the move stress. It will keep things managed and make unpacking easier. Packing by room is the easiest way to keep your items organized throughout your moving process. Always remember to name the boxes properly to avoid confusion.

  1. Label your belongings
Inhabitr_Label your belongings

Labels can be your best friend, literally! Labeling creates a system that will help you keep track of all your stuff for you to be able to locate things easily. 

Label the contents of each box along with a box number, and keep a checklist for easy reference. You can even color-code them for better reference. Also, create a comprehensive moving checklist for your move. Having this list of to-dos will make it possible to manage the moving parts of your move, and do so in an organized and timely manner.

  1. Donate items you may not need
Inhabitr_Donate items you may not need

Make a list of all furniture, household belongings, clothing, etc that you wish to donate before or after the move. Once the list is complete, decide where you want to donate these items. The Salvation Army is a great option to donate stuff at. Make sure you keep the receipts properly to avoid losing them.

We hope these moving tips and hacks help you out! We understand the hassle a move comes with. Furniture is one such commodity that requires proper planning to move. Furniture Rental Companies like Inhabitr have an array of online furniture rental options to choose from. 

If your move is temporary or you’re somebody who likes to experiment with schemes & styles, you should definitely try renting furniture. It not only saves your money, but all the effort too while making a move since you’d return the furniture after your lease is completed. Inhabitr, for example, doesn’t just deliver and assemble furniture, but it also picks it up after your lease.

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