How Rental Furniture Can Help Meet the Evolving Needs of Student Housing

Student Housing - 01/16/2023

When it comes to student furniture rental, things have changed dramatically in recent years. The days of students wanting simple, easy-to-use furniture are gone. Today’s students expect more from their university housing, and that includes better furniture options along with impeccable after-sale services.

Furniture rental companies need to be aware of these changing student housing trends and adapt their services accordingly. In the past, most universities and students prioritized function over style. This was largely due to the fact that students were on a tight budget and didn’t have the means to splurge on luxury items. However, the needs of students and their preferences and expectations surrounding housing have evolved. 

From style to service, see how rental furniture can help meet the needs of student housing. 

  1. Students expect more furniture options
Inhabitr_Students expect more furniture options

Just a bed, study table, and a chair no longer do the job. Students have grown more sophisticated and come to expect more from their living accommodations. While affordability still remains a large factor, they want to be able to represent their style and personality in their rooms and aren’t willing to compromise on quality or comfort.

Furniture rental companies that offer a wide range of products and styles are able to meet both their personalized needs and their budgets. Accent chairs, lamps, and decor allow for personal style to shine through. While extra dressers or entertainment sets help their space adapt to their needs and preferences. 

  1. Students seek quick and convenient customer services
Inhabitr_Students seek quick customer service

The students entering college are of the generation that has always had access to the internet, technology, and the instant gratification of the two. In the past, students may have overlooked or avoided furniture rental companies because they felt that the process was too complicated and time-consuming. However, the expectation of students today is quick and convenient customer service and technologically integrated processes that meet their needs with the click of a button. 

Furniture rental companies with streamlined processes, accessible support, integrated platforms, and easy-to-use customer interfaces will help connect these tech-savvy students with furniture and save money for universities. 

  1. Flexible payment options are expected
Inhabitr_Flexible payment options are expected

With the popularity of programs like Affirm and AfterPay, students today are always on the lookout for flexible payment options. Students that cannot afford to pay the entire amount upfront or would prefer to distribute the cost over a longer period of time, should have the option to do so. 

Furniture rental companies need to be aware of the fact that students often have a limited budget and they should offer flexible leases and payment options accordingly. This will help students get the furniture they need without having to break the bank.

  1. Style trends and spatial awareness matter 
Inhabitr_Style trends and spatial awareness matter

Interior design buzzwords like ergonomic, feng shui, and open concept are prevalent in today’s culture, even for students. After experiencing COVID, they are even more aware of the importance of space, room set-up, and the impacts of color and furniture in a room. 

Furniture rental companies that offer design services can help curate a space that meets their needs. Whether that is guiding them in piece selection or lay out, they can help them make the best use of their space and create their ideal living environment. 

The bottom line

By staying up-to-date with student needs and housing trends, furniture rental companies can position themselves to support the students and the universities and create a better overall experience for both. 

Where should I rent student furniture from?

Inhabitr_Student furniture rental

If you’re looking for a student furniture rental company that can provide you with the latest and trendy furniture options, then look no further than Inhabitr. We were awarded back to back for offering a wide range of products that are sure to meet your needs and budget. In addition, we also offer quick and convenient customer service so that you have a hassle-free experience.

Check out how Inhabitr can help you with student housing furniture and make the move to your new apartment hassle-free with comfy and ergonomic furniture.

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