How to Set Up Your Home Office on a Budget

Furniture Options - 01/31/2022

With the world steadily settling into working from home, home office setups have come into vogue as people figure out the best way to create their workspace. The most integral part of such a home office is probably work-from-home furniture.

When you start working from home, you might wind up just diving into the work at hand and forget that you can actually personalize your home office. Take advantage of this great remote work perk and create an office space that suits your style and your budget!

Why You Must Invest In Proper Work-From-Home Furniture

The importance of proper workspace furniture is vital from the point of employee health. It is because many employees spend most of their day using these items. Working with faulty furnishing will affect their body posture and harm productivity for some parts as well. 

Ergonomic office furniture makes a workspace attractive, thereby lifting one’s mood. It also provides a comfortable, safe, and sound working environment for employees, and it often leads to better organization and efficiency. Check out our blog on the benefits of ergonomic office furniture!

Getting good-quality home office furniture on a budget is trickier. Here are a few tips on how to create the most budget-friendly home office:

  1. Repurpose Office Furniture and Décor
Inhabitr_Repurpose Office Furniture and Décor

The cheapest home office setup relies on furniture and accessories you already have. So, try pulling what you can from around your own home while you save up. Look for any ergonomic and motivational pieces that’ll add to the comfort of a 9-hour workday. 

This might be a cozy accent chair in the living room or a pretty artwork in the foyer – you might like their placement better in your new home office.  

  1. Balance Spending on Office Essentials
Inhabitr_Balance Spending on Office Essentials

A budget-friendly home office starts with what the space needs to be functional: a desk, a chair, your electronics, practical lighting. Focus on what will serve you right now. Then, plan to stretch your nice-to-have purchases out over the course of time. Think luxury items, like bookshelves and cute decor.

You can save on your office desk, storage, and lighting with low-cost shapes and materials. It’s better to splurge on your office chair and electronics – quality is important here since these items will power your productivity. 

  1. Scale Back Your Office Desk
Inhabitr_Scale Back Your Office Desk

Desks with slim, simple designs tend to cost the least. So, sort by classic shapes and clean lines, like you’d find in mid-century and modern styles. Consider rounded edges if your kids play nearby. 

Need something out of the way? Get a wall mount desk or ladder desk which can also avoid busting your budget while adding to your current design scheme. If you have the willpower to work from the couch, save space and money with a convenient C-table!

  1. Optimize Your Office Chair
Inhabitr_Optimize Your Office Chair

The best budget home office chair will make your work life easier. A plastic or wooden chair frame will be cheapest, but it’s important that the shape provides lumbar support. Shop for a chair with a high back to accommodate a productive posture and workday, and consider elbow and seat padding as needed. 

Figuring out how to get a good deal on home office furniture? You can easily find some comfortable office chairs at a reasonable price. Check out Inhabitr’s Office Chairs! You could consider renting office furniture or buying used pieces as well, to avoid putting a dent in your pockets.

  1. Plants complete the look
Inhabitr_Plants complete the look

Plants and flowers make rooms feel more interesting, more comfortable, and some even help keep the air clean. Opt for indoor plants that don’t need much light. While they might not provide fancy flowers, these low-light plants come with a variety of green and variegated leaves, so you can still create an interesting and natural look.

If you love flowers but can’t stand the price, you’ll be amazed at the huge impact made by a single bloom in a bud vase on your desk. And if you really don’t trust your ability to keep plants alive, you could very well get convenient artificial plants to get that burst of color anyways.

These home office furniture ideas are not only budget-friendly but easy to follow too. Check out Inhabitr’s home office furniture rental collection for a one-stop solution! Our furniture sets are designer-curated and come with hassle-free white glove delivery and assembly. Renting furniture from Inhabitr could help you set your dream space up without putting too much of a dent in your budget.

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