Coastal Interior Design Ideas For a Breezy Home

Design Space - 06/24/2022

Who doesn’t love the beach? You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the calming qualities of a coastal feel apartment. A good place to start is by playing with the colors of the sky, sea, and sand to form a dreamy theme. The entire concept of coastal interior design is to imbibe the feeling of living near the coast without actually living there.

The ideal coastal design ideas would enhance the aura of your interiors, and that is what you should be keeping an eye out for. Here’s a list of ideas that will aid in achieving the perfect coastal interior for your living space.

  1. Color it up!
Inhabitr_Color it up!

When it comes to colors, coastal chic with soft furnishings in calming whites, and blues/greens in furniture will help your theme come to life. A weathered, faded look is the essence of coastal interiors. White or neutral-toned walls add to the beach effect. This kind of coastal wall decor will amp up the vibe & feel of your living space. 

2. Add the right furniture

Inhabitr_Add the right furniture

Furthermore, adding coastal design furniture that goes hand-in-hand with the feel of your space is essential. Furniture made from driftwood supports the sea charm and will add a wonderful coastal effect to your home. Our article on 7 Furniture & Decor Choices for a Relaxing Bedroom will definitely help you in choosing the ideal decor for your bedroom!

Since the material symbolizes a peaceful coastal charm, the addition of such furniture pieces will instantly amp up your space.

3. Mix layers & textures

Inhabitr_Mix layers and textures

You can create all the beach house interiors by layering up lots of different materials & textures. Furniture pieces like rugs, cushions, baskets, and wall hangings can all be incorporated into your current space to create that relaxed, laid-back feel that the coastal look is all about. Also, don’t forget to add hues of blue for the added effect.

4. Neutral goes a long way too

Inhabitr_Neutrals go a long way too

If you’re not a blue person, then neutrals can help. You will love the light, airy feel of coastal interiors. A simple neutral palette can be just as effective at evoking the vibe. Layer up different coastal colors and add natural materials for plenty of texture. When adding furniture, arrange them in small groups, in a random way, keeping with the whole informal look. 

5. Stripes look good!

Inhabitr_Stripes look good!

Adding stripes to your accent or sofa in shades of blue will be a great step to make the entire look come together. The stripe is subtle enough so, if your tastes do change, it could be adapted to suit any style.

6. Add boho decor

Inhabitr_Add boho decor

Another fantastic idea is to integrate coastal boho decor. A blend of coastal style and bohemian influence, coastal boho decor can be added to your home. A mix of fresh & vibrant colors will induce the right feel, along with an amalgamation of weathered timber & rattan. Add a few rattan chairs, tassels & abundant greenery.

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7. Paint your walls

Inhabitr_Paint your walls

A  quick and easy way to get a lovely beach house look is to use paint smartly. Give your walls a new coastal color to instantly transform them into a room that just feels like it belongs by the sea. A lovely blue, a subtle teal works wonderfully & it works so nicely with creams and wooden accents.

8. Subtle colors are GOOD

Inhabitr_Subtle colors are good

To decorate your bedroom, consider striped blues/ greens for your linens. The addition of subtle colors to your white-washed walls will ensure you radiate a beach house effect. Remember, less is more. The more airy & light your room is, the more it feels like the sea.

9. A few miscellaneous tips

For some added fun, experiment with a huge glass vase & some fun tinted glass lights in coastal shades. You can elevate your dining space by adding furniture that’s again coastal. A pop of blue on the chair will make everything perfect!

At Inhabitr, you will be able to accomplish your coastal goals. Browse through Inhabitr’s unique collection to find something that suits your style & taste. The best part is that you can rent furniture pieces for as long or little as you would like! Happy furniture shopping!

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