How to Decorate a Small Dining Room, for “Comfor-table” Meals

Design Space - 01/06/2022

For many of us, the dining table is a destination for us to catch up, laugh, eat and rejoice in good company. Whether it’s a whole room, a kitchen-diner, or perhaps just a small table in the corner, dining areas come in all shapes and sizes. 

With some simple tips and tricks, any space can become the perfect hub for entertaining – all, of course, without spending too much cash. This is a list of cute small dining room ideas on a budget, to help you create the perfect space for dinnertime conversations or brunch meet-ups.

Follow these tips to create a small dining room space that works for every occasion!

  1. Light it up
Inhabitr_Light it up

Lighting can completely transform the ambiance of a dining room, so enliven your space with a statement piece. Whether it’s an oversized pendant light, colorful table lamps dotted throughout the room, fairy lights adorning a wall, or a giant Anglepoise-style floor lamp positioned over the table, there are plenty of lighting options to make your dining room shine. 

Although lighting may seem expensive, think less about investing in something overpriced and instead look at cheaper but still impactful options. 

  1. Roll out a rug
Inhabitr_Roll Out a Rug

Use a statement rug to energize your dining room. We recommend choosing one that works effectively, taking note of your flooring and contrasting the rug accordingly. Rugs are the easiest way to style a dining room. 

Most homes today have an open layout and rugs are the best way to demarcate the dining space from the adjoining kitchen or living area. People love wood finishes and most dining rooms have wooden furniture. That leaves us with plenty of rug colors, prints, and patterns that can be paired with a versatile color like brown.

  1. Pick out an accent colour
Inhabitr_Pick out an accent colour

A great way to ramp up the style in your dining room is to choose a strong accent color and run with it across the whole room. Whether it’s the table itself, the chairs, or a rug, picking one color is an effective way to create a cohesive scheme.

Try keeping old glass jars and swirling them with the paint color of choice for quick and easy tealight holders or vases, or buying cheap placemats and customizing them with scraps of paper and magazine cut-outs in the same color. 

  1. Think Big
Inhabitr_Think Big

Just because you’re working with a small dining space, doesn’t mean this nook doesn’t deserve the attention you’d give the larger rooms in your home. Stylish touches like bold paint color, gallery wall setup, a centerpiece, and hanging greenery will make your small dining room decor look and feel like a significant space.

  1. Breakfast With a View
Inhabitr_Breakfast With a View

Rather than positioning a setup in the middle of the room, pushing a squared dining table up against a window or wall is the quickest way to save space. Plus, if you have a free window in your apartment, you’ll love the feeling of enjoying your morning coffee, while soaking in the views. 

  1. Add a Pinch of Personality with Wall art and Mirrors
Inhabitr_Add a Pinch of Personality with Artwork and Mirrors

Choose artwork that speaks to you. This way you can easily lend a personal touch to your dining room. Along with that, no matter how small (or big) a space is, it can always benefit from a large wall-to-wall mirror setup. The reflection instantly creates the illusion that any room is larger than it really is. 

These small dining room decorating ideas are not only pocket-friendly but easy to follow too, leaving you and your guests always looking forward to mealtimes!

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