5 Interior Design Trends to Create Stand-out Student Housing 

Student Housing - 04/27/2023

Numbering 8.6 million, student beds account for 12% of the total number of US rental units. In such a crowded market, how do you make your student housing option stand out? 

Thoughtful, comfortable, and functional interior design can be a significant factor in establishing a unique personality and attracting students. Check out five student housing trends you can leverage today! 

  1. Study spaces
Inhabitr_Study Spaces

Study spaces that are both functional and inspired can be a great way to create energy and add value for your student renters. Cool white light is the best LED light for studying and studies show the color blue creates a calming effect when you’re feeling stressed. Making smart design choices in student study areas can help improve their productivity and creativity! 

Additionally, providing additional amenities like printers and coffee machines can ensure they have everything they need in one place for optimal focus! 

  1. Comfortable group spaces
Inhabitr_Comfortable group spaces

A great way to add value to student housing interior design is by incorporating comfortable group spaces. An inviting and cozy atmosphere encourages students to congregate and socialize, which creates a sense of community and enlivened energy. 

Soft seating areas like those found in a coffee shop or bar/lounge create a cozy space for people to bond over conversation and make memories that last. By including these elements, your student housing complex becomes not only a place for temporary living but one for creating lasting relationships as well. It helps the space be more dynamic and pleasant for occupants.

  1. A wellness center
Inhabitr_A Wellness Centre

To create an optimal student living space, it’s helpful to think about how wellness and relaxation impact a student’s experience. Investing in wellbeing oriented spaces such as areas to escape and have quiet time, meditate, or exercise are fantastic value adds.

Wellness spaces allow students to take a moment away from their everyday lives and focus on themselves. Not only do these areas offer invaluable mental rest and health benefits, but they also have the potential to increase appeal and ultimately contribute to higher occupancy rates.

  1. Modern and minimalistic designs
Inhabitr_Modern and Minimalist Design

Today’s students are looking for a modern and minimalistic design when shopping for student housing – clean lines, sleek furniture, muted colors, and mature yet aspirational designs are often preferred. They allow a blank slate for students to add their own touches of personality with decor and art. 

  1. Smart service design 

Finding that balance between providing student’s support and encouraging their autonomy is an art. By mapping out their typical journey through the complex, both as a prospective renter and a veteran of the building, can help identify the areas that team members or designed service moments should live to seamlessly integrate with their needs. It is important to make sure these areas are welcoming and strategically placed for maximum engagement.

By creating inviting study spaces, comfortable group hangouts, and wellness-centric areas, you can encourage students to spend more time on-site which will lead to better retention rates. These steps help you offer much more than just a room to live in. And by keeping the design modern and minimalistic – think clean lines and sleek furniture – you can give your space a high-end feel that adds value.

How Inhabitr can help with student housing furniture

If you’re looking for help incorporating these student housing interior design value additions, Inhabitr provides design services along with furniture procurement and installation so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Our broad assortment of in-stock and custom student furniture items can serve all areas in the building and all pricing levels. Contact us today and let us help you increase your student housing value!

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