Inhabitr Furniture Rental is Coming to Portland!

Inhabitr News - 03/05/2021

We are proud to announce that as of Friday, March 5, Inhabitr Furniture Rental is officially operating out of Portland, Oregon. As the largest city in Oregon and home of the Portland Trail Blazers, Portland has been on Inhabitr’s radar for quite some time now. We cannot understate how excited we are to add Portland to the growing list of cities that we do business out of.

As one of the most populous cities in the United States and a sister city of Seattle, expanding to Portland allows us to further tap into a market which we are already excited about. The great Northwest is looking to be one of the future hubs of technology, and we are looking forward to being a part of it. With our use of AI technology to make better recommendations for your furniture shopping, we hope to make the rental experience fun for our customers.

Inhabitr_Portland Launch

Our goal has always been making affordable furniture rental a viable option for everyone. By offering free delivery and white glove assembly on all orders, we hope to help as many people take advantage of the benefits of renting as possible. For more information on how Inhabitr’s delivery service works, check out our blog post detailing the entire process!

With great schools like Portland University and the University of Oregon nearby, we hope to make things easier for student furniture rental as well. Students typically plan on staying in their college towns temporarily, so being able to rent furniture can give those students a little bit less to worry about. 

We know how much of a hassle it is to get rid of furniture when you want to move back home at the end of the quarter/semester, renting furniture solves that problem. Email us at or chat with our agents on our website for information about Inhabitr’s student furniture rental program!

Inhabitr_student furniture rental program

Now more than ever, staying in a permanent residence isn’t a realistic option for many people. So why buy furniture permanently when you can own it for the length of your stay, no more no less. In this world of infinite choices, you deserve the option to carry on your lifestyle with flexibility.

You can browse our discount furniture for ideas on how you can spruce up your home decor on a budget. One of the benefits of rental furniture is that you can use it to experiment with designing, so if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for yet, you don’t have to commit right away.

Inhabitr also offers options for businesses looking for curated furniture packages. You can check out our b2b furniture website to find options for property management, vacation rentals, home staging, corporate housing, and more! We strive to offer packages for everyone, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then chat with our live agents to see what we can do for you.

Inhabitr For Business

After starting in Chicago, we’ve been consistently expanding, here’s a timeline and list of all the cities Inhabitr is located in so far!

11/2016 – Chicago

4/2019 – Seattle

5/2019 – Milwaukee

5/2019 – Madison

7/2019 – Indianapolis

7/2019 – Washington DC Metro

8/2019 – Austin

8/2019 –

8/2019 – Dallas Fort Worth

7/2020 – Phoenix

7/2020 – Philadelphia

3/5/2021 – Portland

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