How does Inhabitr’s furniture delivery service work?

Inhabitr Spotlight - 02/02/2021

Whenever you order online, delivery always presents a range of questions- when will your item be delivered, will it be handled in the correct manner, etc. An item such as a furniture piece has to be handled properly as they are fragile, and expensive. 

At Inhabitr, we take extreme care in delivering furniture to you. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we undertake all the necessary measures to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene has become of the utmost importance. Before taking the furniture inside your home, you will obviously be worried about the above. But you need not worry about it when you order furniture from Inhabitr. Our delivery service takes utmost care whilst delivering your order. 

To expand more on our delivery service, this is how it works:

  • It’s very easy to order furniture from our website. Once you go on our website, select the city, your preferred furniture items, add them to the cart, check out, choose the delivery date and proceed with the payment.
Inhabitr furniture rental website
  • Once the order is placed, our operations team will confirm your delivery date. The delivery crew prepares the delivery 24 hours prior to the delivery date.
Inhabitr chat agents.
  • The items are cleaned, sanitized and shrink wrapped for delivery after they pass the quality tests. These tests check the condition and durability of the item, and if they need to be repaired
Inhabitr_furniture cleaning & sanitization
  • Inhabitr does not charge any fee for delivering furniture to properties that have elevators. But, if the building does not have one, we provide free delivery up to the third floor. For delivery above the third floor, we charge a small additional fee. 
Inhabitr_ Free delivery terms & conditions
  • On the day of delivery, our crew wears masks, gloves and handles your furniture with care and precaution. All assembly is done on site for no additional charges with the utmost care.
Inhabitr_White glove delivery
  • You sign a sheet confirming the proper delivery of all of your items. If you are unhappy with the condition of a particular piece of furniture, the crew takes it back at no additional cost. 
Inhabitr_Customer satisfaction
  • Once the rental lease ends, the crew will call you around 30 minutes prior to pickup. When the crew reaches your home, they will shrink-wrap the items and pack them after assessing any kind of damage. You will be responsible for any damage caused to the furniture while in your possession
Inhabitr_ Pick up
  • You will then be asked to sign a receipt confirming the condition of the item as deemed by the crew, and receive a copy of the set of documents.

When you rent furniture, it comes in the form of used furniture. But we ensure that the used furniture is as good as new. We provide high-quality cheap furniture at extremely low prices, and our affordable furniture pieces are bound to catch your attention. Inhabitr has been at the forefront when it comes to rental furniture. We have redefined the concept of renting furniture by elaborating on the concept of affordability and flexibility. 

For more information on why rental furniture could be a good option for you, check out our article for 7 reasons why you should rent furniture instead of buying. Customer service is our number 1 priority, and we pride ourselves on making sure that our customers are always satisfied. 

You can check out our amazing collection of designer furniture by going on our website, and you can be rest assured that we will provide you the best! Explore our various options of living room sets, dining tables and sets, home office sets and more!

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