How Often Should You Replace Furniture?

Furniture Options - 04/19/2021

Furniture is an important part of any space. Furniture pieces have the ability to uplift any space making it vibrant & full of life. But not all furniture pieces can last you a lifetime. No denying that some pieces have lasted for centuries, making it to the Antique shop, but in recent years, it seems like a challenge.

The question that pops up is, will our furniture last for a long time? The answer is probably not. With the current changing lifestyles, an ever re-locating society & huge range available for furniture pieces has given rise to items that have an average lifespan.

The life span of many furniture items such as Living Room Tables, Dining Room Tables, Sofa etc highly depends on the material which was used to construct them & on a variety of different factors. If you choose low quality furniture it will definitely have its wear and tear sooner than later.

Living Room furniture such as living room tables, sofas, etc have a life span depending upon their maintenance as well as materials used. If a sofa is creaking, or its pillows have lost their shape, maybe it’s time for a new sofa. Likewise if your living room table is damaged, broken or even if you want to try out contemporary furniture, maybe you should consider letting go of the existing furniture.

Eventually, your living room furniture, especially seating furniture, will become dirty and may even produce a bad odor, so keep them in check with a linen spray with antibacterial properties.

For furniture made up of metal or containing metal, it is vital to check every few months for wear and tear. If you have children or pets at your place, then there is a higher chance for furniture pieces to have a smaller lifespan.

As for dining room tables & dining room chairs, a replacement usually depends on the size of it. Moving into a bigger space may need a bigger dining table compared to a studio apartment with limited space. Dents, scratches, etc will make the dining table look unkempt. On average, a good quality dining room furniture set should last you for at least a decade or two.

Coffee tables & End tables usually need a replacement if they become rickety, shaky and/or unstable. If you’re planning on changing your interior setting, you might want to replace your existing furniture. Usually, coffee & end tables last for a good 7-10 years with proper maintenance.

Bed & Mattresses are the other furniture pieces that call for replacement. If your bed is creaky, maybe it’s time for a new bed. Change of apartment usually calls for a different size bed.

A Mattress should be replaced if it stops serving its purposes of providing support and comfort. If your mattress has lost its shape, has odor coming from it, etc, choose to let go of it. Taking into consideration both wear and tear, and innovation being made with memory foam mattresses, it’s a good idea to replace your mattress after 8 to 10 years.

Outdoor furniture may need replacing more often than other furniture pieces. If the furniture is made up of metal, or rattan there are higher chances for wear and tear. Rickety chairs & tables, dents, not able to support the weight of an individual, etc are some of the issues calling for replacement.

What can be done with old furniture?

If the items are not in good condition, dispose of them safely. Some furniture pieces can be sold. There are multiple websites that provide secondhand furniture. Another great option is donation. 

If you are looking to replace your furniture & it is in a decent condition, you might want to donate it to charity or thrift stored. Also there are shelters which might find the items useful.

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